What Is A Poltergeist?

What is a poltergeist?

13th March, 2017

Until this past Friday evening, I had been a paranormal investigator of over 20 years and had never experienced poltergeist activity in any location. At least that is, poltergeist activity that happened right in front of my face – Literally speaking. The some of the team members and I were investigation a woman’s house in Hastings,  a city about 18 minutes drive from where I live in Napier. In our intial interview with the home owner we will call K. there was no mention of poltergeist activity. There was all sorts of other paranormal activity in the house though, everything from disembodied voices, to footsteps, to shadow figures, items moving around the house, and electronics breaking down continuously. So lots of action, so to speak. Before I talk about our experience, find out precisely what a poltergeist is?

Noisy spirit by any other name?

Poltergeist Activity_ Stacking Cutlery_Shadowlands Paranormal InvestigationsPoltergeist is a German name, that basically means noisy ghost and is a type of ghost or other supernatural entity, that creates physical disturbances, such as throwing or moving objects. It also can do things like stack and move or even destroy objects. They sometimes can bite or hit, or even trip people over. In most accounts of poltergeist activity, there are stories of the levitation of objects, like furniture, ornaments, books etc…

Poltergeist, traditionally described as spirits or entities that cause trouble and who generally haunt a person, rather than a specific location – although sometimes the opposite is true. These entities have been reported from many different cultures and countries, in fact, there are very few countries where they have not been reported in. As a general rule these types of entities are very disruptive to a household and can create much fear and tension.


Are poltergeists spirit or caused by telekinesis?

Poltergeist Stacking Chairs_Shadowlands Paranormal InvestigationsThis is a very good question and from my personal experience, particularly from last Saturday, I would say that it is highly probable that they can be caused by both. Although in our particular case, it was a definite spirit, as the owner of the house was not even on the property at the time.

But there are some famous cases such as the Enfield Poltergeist case, which was ultimately made into a movie called The Conjuring 2 (Very, very loosely based on their story). In this case, the activity centered around a young girl in the family who was just going through puberty. There is a school of thought that says that the energies put out by young girls transitioning through puberty, can create these manifestations. Generally, these are teenagers with emotional problems. Due to hormonal and emotional changes in the teen’s body, their negative energy can sometimes be pushed out of their body, moving or destroying objects through telekinesis. Poltergeist activity can cease as suddenly as it started, although it can last anywhere from a few hours to a few years.

There are others who say,  that the energies put out by youngsters at that age attract spirit’s to them who in turn utilize this energy to create manifestations and activity. There are some interesting stories about teen angst and poltergeist activity at the linked page.

Our teams experience last Saturday

Three of the team members, The Professor, Helen, and myself were in the lounge watching Diane and Craig on the home owners security cameras. The owner  had installed these due to the activity in the home. The Professor and Helen both,  noticed an object rising and falling beside Craig on the bed (because of the camera angle it looks as though it is beside him, when in fact it is slightly behind him, and on the far side of the queen-sized bed he was sitting on the edge of). When we became aware of the activity, The Professor and I went down the short hall, to see if we could see for ourselves what was happening. Craig and Diane could not see the pillow levitating and sort of vibrating, cause of the angle, and because the pillow was in fact behind a duvet crumpled on the bed.

We got to the bedroom door and all of a sudden, this pillow flew from the bed behind Craig, and in-between Diane and Craig. Diane was looking at Craig at the time as she was talking to him. It flew with tremendous force just as I was walking in through the door frame. The entity had totally aimed it at my face, which it missed by mere inches, landing with a loud thud on the floor to my right, The Professor was standing immediately behind me just outside the door frame, but close enough that she felt the wind of the pillow and the noise it made as it flew past.

Once we got over our shock, we realized what had happened and all went down to review the security footage.. and yes folks, we did get it all on camera, and I will be adding the series of videos and other evidence, once we have completed reviewing it all and have shared it with the home owner. The only reason I am writing about this event now, is because the home owner is aware of what happened.

So that was pretty exciting for us all to have happened. It was totally unexpected and in this case was caused by a somewhat nasty entity. This case is ongoing and we are returning this coming Saturday for a further investigation of the property, so stay tuned for our findings from the first investigation. It will take us a while to get them up as we have over 25 hours of audio to listen to and over 10 hours of video evidence to look at.

 Til next time –


Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team