Mangaroa & Park Island

25th February 2017

Phase of Moon


Waning Crescent



26 Celcius

Weather Conditions


Sunny during day, with slight breeze


 Team Members Attending:

Marianne, Colin,  Diane, Jordyn, The Professor, Mark, Monica, Wally

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter


History of the Investigation Sites



Park Island Cemetery

Park Island Cemetery was purchased in 1910 and the first burials were recorded in 1917.

At the time the cemetery opened, its location was well beyond the town boundary. Access was by a road formed across the tidal Ahuriri Lagoon and surrounding marshes to Taradale. The cemetery provided burial plots until just after the Second World War.

Many victims of the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake were interred in a common grave, which is surmounted by a memorial. The cenotaph and memorial surrounds were designed by Louis Hay, a well-known Napier architect who designed many of the city’s Art Deco period buildings.

Since at least the late Bronze Age, Western European cultures have used evergreen trees to symbolise everlasting life. Continuing this tradition, a magnificent stand of 23 Italian cypress trees lines one side of the Catholic section of the cemetery.


Mangaroa Cemetery

It has been difficult to find out much information about Mangaroa Cemetery, it is a fairly new cemetery though, established in 1984,  and is currently still accepting burials.

Investigation Report

This also was a training investigation for the new members in the team.  The point of this investigation, as with the previous one,  was to get the new members used to using some of the equipment we have like laser thermometers, walkie-talkies, our new K2 meter, and working in a team recording evidence found. We went to both cemeteries in the one investigation.

Objective Experiences:

  • K2 meter went off to red on a number of occassions, most notable was when we also captured the voice calling Hine to come and look at this thing, along with a photograph of orb energy – all at the same time
  • Marked temperature drops of up to 7 degrees on the digital thermometer
  • Numerous evp captured
  • Disembodied snarling heard by Jordyn and Monica
  • Photographs of orbs, where marked evp were also captured (both cemeteries)

Subjective Experiences:

  • Feelings of being watched
  • Feelings of being uncomfortable
  • Feelings of being unbalanced or dizzy
  • Feelings of needing to leave a particular area.
  • Feeling cold or emotional in specific areas (not in the cemetery with family members)

Most Notable Experiences:

Likely the most notable experiences for the team members in training were, the k2 meter going of full blast with no possible electrical interference in the middle of the cemetery and hearing the disembodied snarls.

Evidence Obtained

Evp from Mangaroa Cemetery, Hastings

In this clip Monica is talking about feeling a cold breeze on her, on a night when it was very warm 26C and no breeze.. then  you can hear this spirit actually blowing on her.

Three team members had family or friends buried in this cemetery, so we were very aware of how they might be feeling, but they all were happy to go, cause they were hoping perhaps to hear from someone. In this lovely clip Jordyn, is talking to his friend, who says “forever”

In this clip Monica is talking about her uncle being naughty in the cemetery – she gets a firm response – NO!

Spirit simply agreeing with what is being said

Two spirits talking to each other – either hey  then yeah, or hayden then yeah – you decide

Just humming

One woman says: Hine Tutira? (might have last name incorrectly), come and see that thing, then Hine speaks. This is probably our best audio capture, because along with the audio the k2 meter was flashing to red (the highest strength), and at the same time we caught image of orbs, and it was a conversation.


Evp from Park Island Cemetery, Napier

Spirit just saying boo. Someone had a sense of humour.

We were talking about an enitity that one of the members of the team got the name of Richard for, when two different voices come up.. the first one says either I am or Brian the second definitely says Richard, one older and one younger voice.

Spirit possibly saying “let’s greet them”

We are just telling spirit how to work the K2 meter, when an old chap says look at that

Spirit calling out Marianne’s name , and a different one much fainter  and very fast repeating can you write it.  We were standing by the angel gravestone in the  images at this point in time and along with the voice got the orb.

Disembodied Noises at Mangaroa Cemetery, Hastings

This is the first of the three sounds that Monica and Jordyn hear audibly.. this time they don’t pay too much attention to it as they are busy focusing on taking temperature readings, having noticed a sudden drop, but they hear it and disregard it.

This is the second sound, at this stage, both of them are still focusing on the temperature drop of  around 3 degrees at that stage, but start to discuss what they heard, exploring the possibilities.

This one  is the one that makes them really pay attention. You can hear it in Monicas voice.











Evp from Park Island Cemetery, Napier

Marianne explaining to some team members that the walkie talkie playing up is an example of how spirit can interfere with communications. Spirit responds with Nah!

Very faint, fast and metalic sounding thank you in response to Marianne’s invitation

Male voice in response to Jordyns request… nah

Sad sounding female talking over top of member and in response to what she was saying. She says wish.

This is a very interesting EVP. Monica is just saying that she wants to rest for a while when we capture this aggressive, determined ,sounding male saying Your god went weak.

Mangaroa Cemetery, Hastings. Orbs shot at the same time as the K2 meter was going red and the Hine audio was captured

Park Island Cemetery, Napier. This orb was taken at the same time as the EVP of the male calling Marianne’s name.

Park Island Cemetery, Napier. This image was obtained when the team noticed the K2 meter turning to orange.

Spirit energy around car

Park Island Cemetery, Napier. Two team members had gone to sit down at the cars as they kept hearing noises where they were parked. They were concerned for the car safety, being a fairly isolated area. As they were sitting there they kept hearing noises near the cars, so Wally snapped this picture which shows spirit energy around the car. It was a very warm night, so there is no accounting for this. It is not cigarette smoke.