The Old Tavistock / Breakers Hotel – Return Visit

11th November 2017

Phase of Moon


Last Quarter



18.8 Celcius

Weather Conditions


Light Scattered Showers


Team Members Attending:

Jasmine, Karla, Marianne, Nathan

Guest Team Members Attending:

The Documentary team from Jam TV  – Including Oscar Knightley (presenter), Jane Andrews (producer), Warren Green (Camera), Tim Brott(Sound)

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter, Night Vision Video Cameras


Filming of A Documentary

This investigation was a special one for the Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team – we got to return to the fabulous old lady (see the results of our previous investigation and the backstory on the Tavistock / Breakers history here ). The  team was pretty chuffed about that, but also,  we had been contacted some time back by Jam TV  asking if we would be interested in participating in a documentary series Jam TV was making. So, tonight we got to work with Oscar Knightley and the wonderful production team from Jam TV . Unfortunately James fell ill the day of the filming so was unable to attend.

We had a wonderful evening with them and we are currently just going over the evidence we were able to obtain.  The documentary series is currently scheduled to show on TV One sometime in March 2018. In the meantime here are some pics with Oscar and the film crew…




Investigation Report

This report is definitely not as comprehensive as others for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was really a mini-investigation as the film crew could only be there for a very limited period of time, and secondly, we were filming as well as trying to investigate. Also, there were a number of functions going on at the hotel, in the conference room and in the pub. So it was not the most optimal situation for having an investigation running, and the investigation itself lasted around 3 hours until 1am.

We looked at and discarded a huge amount of data, due to sound contamination from these events – having said that we STILL were able to obtain some very good data, EVP, photos and video evidence. We got one of the saddest EVP that we have ever heard.  Here is what we were able to obtain.

Subjective Experiences: ( things team members felt with no objective or evidential back up )

  • Feelings of being watched
  • Feeling emotional in specific areas of the building
  • Feelings of being touched and breathed on (Jasmine, particularly was the target of this)
  • Walking into cold spots (colder than ambient temperature), that were not debunk-able
  • Flashes / sparks of different colour lights
  • Hearing knocking sounds not caught on audio

Objective Experiences: ( Evidential based and in no particular order )

  • Light anomalies –  caught on camera and on video
  • Numerous EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) caught on audio
  • Electronic disturbances with the walkie talkies – making static noises when not being touched, and changing chanels without being touched (was sitting on table in breakers).
  • Feeling breathed on and photographic anomolies obtained (pink mist with orbs)
  • K2 meter flashingon numerous occasions witnessed in the restaurant area and other areas of the hotel
  • Other electronic disturbances, most notably with recorders failing, and cameras not working

Evidence Obtained

We had two audio recorders running, two video recorders set up – one in the Green Room, behind the kitchens – one in the Alley (a spiritually active area), between the kitchen and the pub.

The building is sort of U shaped with two wings and the connecting front of the building, so there are a number of alleyways that separate both wings. Fortunately, because of the shape of the building, it did block a large amount of the noise of the functions that were in progress during our time there.

For some reason, the video set up in the alleyway only filmed for a couple of minutes. It then stopped filming completely for no discernable reason. It was running off mains and no one touched it at all. Also Karla’s audio recorder only recorded during the baseline sweep.. THEN it ran for the rest of the time, but recorded absolutely nothing.. so there was like 2 1/2 hours of blank nothingness. Can’t explain that one either.

What is very interesting in this lot of EVP captures, is the amount of spirit talking amongst each other, or about us – as in the evp where spirit comments that Marianne has something on her back (the receiver for the microphone clipped to her waistband).

We don’t know if the film crew and sound man (Tim), picked up any EVP or anomolous activity during the filming as they have not yet processed the film from that evening as of the day of this writing (21st Dec) , at least to our knowledge. So here is what we were able to obtain


EVP – Class A

Absolutely clear male voice commenting at the end of the film crew discussing a technical shot, “I’m stuck!”

Voice agreeing with what Marianne is saying to the film crew about our last investigation and the Class A – A resounding and definitive “Yeah!”

This is the most heart-wrenching EVP the group has recorded, and that Marianne has heard in all her years of collecting EVP – “I’m looking for my Mum!”

For some reason this time around we got a large number of spirit on the recordings like these two children having a converstation together – Also a large number of children. “I was in the back!” “So was this one.”

This humming is extremely clear – definitely a Class A recording.

Once again the cat shows up –  Actually we got a couple with the cat in, but the other one was in the kitchen and had too much machinery noise from the freezers in the background to be able to clear it up enough.

Disembodied Voice – Class A

This is a Class A disembodied voice – because it is very audible, and was heard by both Karla and Jasmine – They heard the “Jan.” We think it says something like “Jan might be”

EVP – Class B

Marianne and a crew member talking, when this female says “Enough!”

We are unsure what the language is that this woman is speaking in. Intitially we thought it might be Samoan – if you can translate what she is saying?, please let us know 🙂

We think this spirit is saying “Could you?” or “Must you?” between Marianne’s words, but not too sure about that one.

Marianne is talking with the film crew explaining how we work and answering Jane’s questions, when this strange noise pops up between her words- it might be saying “Always”, but that could be stretching it a bit. What do you think?

A bit of sarcasm from spirit “You wish!”

Two spirit at the beginning of this clip “Shhh!” “What’s that hey?” Female can be heard talking in the background” She’s right about most things!”  (not sure if this is Jane or spirit).

Three spirit – Whispered “Who’s in charge?” Older woman “Nuthin” Last one “Goody!”, then Marianne talks.

Warren (Cameraman), talking to Oscar about shining his torch into the camera lense. Male spirit says “What is this?” referring to the camera.

Spirit making noises over Marianne talking (in breakers) – same spirit we caught in that are last time mocking us.”Doesn’t mean?” or “doh doh doh?” Definitely a sing-song voice though.

Voice responding to Karla “Up where?” sounds almost like an Aussie accent.

EVP – Class B

Oscar & Marianne discussing the paint job over the fire place. Very despondent female spirit (We caught her voice in the Green Room last investigation as well), says “Made a mess of everything.”

Female responding to Karla’s comments about Ma’s room “Should be looked at!”

Male spirit responding to Karla talking “She’s got good language.”

The beginning is a bit difficult to make out. You can hear the female is saying “Passed it hey (or eh).” The noise over it at the beginning is a male saying “Get out?”

Marianne is explaining to the film crew that the encounters people have had in there had been consistant – female comes in over top of her saying “Ok.”

Female spirit saying “Come here!”

Male spirit “No” Responding to comments Nathan was making

Spirit saying “That’s enough” Can’t make out the last word spirit says.

Child spirit speaks after Karla saying “No! It was not me!

This clip and the next couple of clips were captured in the toilet at the left end of  Breakers, nearest the street. Marianne had just gone to use the toilet, before filming started with the crew. Obviously, she was by herself.  The rest of the team and the crew were all up the other end of the building. It is hard to make out precisely what these three clips are saying, except for the odd word, as they were all whispers.

In this clip you can hear Marianne enter the cubicle, then you hear a spirit say “Got a thing on her back!” referring (we feel) to the microphone pack attached to her waistband. Then you can clearly hear a couple of others whispering – can’t quite make out what they are saying though.

This one is a bit clearer than the first. Spirit one says “Sorry.” Spirit two says “Yeah sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.”

This is the last of the three recorded in the toilet. Can’t make out precisely what they are saying, apart from the first voice, a child who seems to be saying a name “James Corby”.

Very quick and soft female voice that responds to Karla, answering her question “Hmm, it was here!”

You can hear everyone in the background talking, enjoying a coffee before we begin the evening. You can hear a voice 3 times try to catch our attention..”Hey, hey, HI!”

You can hear Marianne saying “I was talking to Michelle.”, then a female spirit says something – we can’t quite make it out, then a deep male voice quickly says “Help yourself!” (referring to the chocolate cake on the table)

EVP – Sounds

Audible footsteps.

Heavy breathing over top of Nathan and Karla taking baseline recordings. Jasmine felt the breath on her neck.

Jasmine was our photographer for the evening, and she found it incredibly frustrating as the camera would function really well – then for no discernable reason refuse to take a picture, or turned itself off. This happened time and time again during the evening. Also, she said she kept getting black on the screen, but that was not camera error, she captures a black mist or shadow a couple of times. Again the previous or images immediately after these were taken were clear.

She was able to capture some particularly spectacular orbs as they walked into the Green room, along with temperature drops recorded and subjective feelings recorded by team members. There was one occasion when they were sitting on the floor in the corridor of the toilet block in Breakers when she again felt breathing on her face. So she turned and snapped a shot catching a pink mist with a number of orbs in it. As we always do, she snapped off several shots at once. The next image was completely clear.

It is our standard procedure that we snap off two or three images in succession everytime we take a photo, for times such as these.