The Old Tavistock / Breakers Hotel – Return Visit

11th November 2017

Phase of Moon


Last Quarter



18.8 Celcius

Weather Conditions


Light Scattered Showers


Team Members Attending:

Jasmine, Karla, Marianne, Nathan

Guest Team Members Attending:

The Documentary team from Jam TV  – Including Oscar Knightley (presenter), Jane Andrews (producer), Warren Green (Camera), Tim Brott(Sound)

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter, Night Vision Video Cameras


Filming of A Documentary

This investigation was a special one for the Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team – we got to return to the fabulous old lady (see the results of our previous investigation and the backstory on the Tavistock / Breakers history here ). The  team was pretty chuffed about that, but also,  we had been contacted some time back by Jam TV  asking if we would be interested in participating in a documentary series Jam TV was making. So, tonight we got to work with Oscar Knightley and the wonderful production team from Jam TV .

We had a wonderful evening with them and we are currently just going over the evidence we were able to obtain. This will be added over the coming week.  The documentary series is currently scheduled to show on TV One sometime in March 2018. In the meantime here are some pics with Oscar and the film crew…