The Tavistock Hotel / Breakers Restaurant

14th July 2017

Phase of Moon


Waning Gibbous




11 Celcius


Weather Conditions


Overcast, odd showers



 Team Members Attending:

James, Karla, Marianne, Nathan, Scotty, Tip

Guest Team Members Attending:

Diaze, Hine, Marshelle

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter, Night Vision Video Cameras

History of the Investigation Site

Old Tavistock Hotel _ Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Tavistock Hotel_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Old Tavistock Hotel Relocated_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Old Tavistock Hotel Relocated_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Bartrums Restaurant & Bar Sign at local swimming pools



The Tavistock / Breakers Hotel

The Tavistock hotel (know as the Tavi to locals) is situated in the Central Hawkes Bay township of Waipukurau. It has a very long history dating well back to 1857 when there was an accommodation house run by a Mr Aveson.[1] 

The Tavistock was originally built as a stop over for the Porangahau Coach service and then it consisted of a small accomodation block that also served meals. It was originally situated about half a mile away from it’s present location.

This was sold in October of 1858 to Mr George Lloyd and renamed Lloyds Hotel.[2] The Hotel lasted in his hands until 1861, when it transferred ownership again and was renamed Moss’s Inn or the Tavistock Hotel. [3]  It was then transferred onto its current location,  a quarter acre site, on the corner of Ruataniwha Street and Racecourse Road, which fronts onto SH2, a main arterial route through the country.

Most recently ownership of the property changed hands pretty regularly. In 2010 it was put up for tender and was offered for auction in 2012. Again being put on the market in 2013 with an article about it’s being for sale on . We were unable to find out information about who currently owns the property.

In the 1900’s the hotel was extended to be a double story wooden structure, and two dining rooms and a commercial room were added. Expansion was made so the facility could seat up to 100 diners, with a billiards out room, stable and small farm attached to support the hotel. Major repairs were required after the devastating 1931 Hawkes Bay Earthquake. You can see today much of the Art Deco influence in the repairs, in the beautifully ornate ceilings of the hotel.

The ground floor of the hotel included two restaurant bars, an 18 machine gaming room and renovated kitchen. There are 27 rooms and a three-bedroom apartment upstairs. The upstairs was until recently used for guest accomodation. 

[1] Open column, Hawke’s Bay Herald, Volume I, Issue 9, 21 November 1857, Page 3 retrieved 10th July 2017    –  [2] Advertisements Column one, Hawke’s Bay Herald, Volume 2, Issue 58, 30 October 1858, Page 2 retrieved 10th July 2017  –  [3]  Advertisements Column 4, Hawke’s Bay Herald, Volume 4, Issue 159, 6 October 1860, Page 1 retrieved 10th July 2017


Fabulous Art Deco Ceiling At Breakers_Old Tavistock Hotel_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Breakers Restaurant_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Entrance to Breakers and the Oak Room_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Stairwell to hotel_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
The Oak Room_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Reports

Historical reports of paranormal activity at the hotel

Prior to current management of this business (who have been there for 2 years), there have been over the years, consistent reports of  paranormal activity on the premises. The hotel is still said to be the home of Ma Bertrum, who after her death of a heart attack, continued to take care of the guests in different little ways when the hotel was still functioning as a hotel. Many of the unusual happenings in the hotel are ascribed to Ma, who was a well known figure in the Waipukurau community. These include reports of the following:

  • Apparitions were said to be seen in the Breakers bar area, frequently touching bar staff and sometimes guests. A young Maori lad had been seen crying in the toilets of the now Crossroads pub, and patrons of the Oak room bar have felt stabbing sensations in their torso region following the stabbing and murder of a man in those toilets.
  • The kitchen in particular was said to be a very active area of the hotel, with staff avoiding the very back area when they could
  • Staff and guests have been known to experience cold spots, have unusual or very uneasy feelings in specific areas of the hotel
  • There were reports of people hearing disembodied voices
  • Reports of people smelling unusual odours or perfumes, or cigarette smoke
  • Shadow people have been seen, misty forms, and in some cases, full bodied apparitions
  • Unusual lights have been seen in specific areas
  • The distinct sound of footsteps has been heard, particularly in the Breakers and Oak room areas
  • Different faces have shown up in photographs that people have taken inside the hotel
  • There have been many complaints from people who have felt as though they are being watched throughout the whole building, this has been from staff and from customers
  • Guests have reported knocking on their room doors in the wee hours of the morning, this would occur regularly at around the same time every morning
  • Electrical disturbances – lights turning themself on and off
  • Seeing movement out of the corner of their eyes.

Current reports of paranormal activity at the hotel

The day prior to the investigation Karla and Marianne did a walk through of  the hotel with the management and then interviewed staff who were prepared to talk to us on the condition of anonimity. We also spoke with three friends who were currently staying with the management at the hotel. When these people were interviewed the day prior to our investigation, it appeared that pretty much the same activity has continued to be reported by them and guests, and only in the past few weeks. Reports of things such as:

  • Seeing shadow people
  • Hearing footsteps in the foyer between the Oak room and Breakers. Two of the staff were sitting down about to feed a baby in Breakers when they heard clear, loud footsteps coming up the ramp. It sounded to them like a parent and child. The footsteps continued up to the door and the staff waited for it to open and them to come in.
  • Feelings of being watched and uncomfortable
  • Lights turning on and off by themselves – guests also commented on this
  • Doors slamming shut by themselves (Dry store room door)
  • Banging on the inside of the door to the back room in the kitchen, and feeling discomfort when in that area
  • Feeling of cold spots
  • Seeing movement out of the corner of the eye
  • Feeling of being physically touched…and interestingly all 3 who said they had been touched, were touched on the same shoulder.
  • Friends currently staying report that the light bulb and cords frequently swing in their room, with no drafts or possibly physical causes (like heavy trucks going past)
  • These friends also report knocking on their walls and doors.
  • Another friend reported seeing a full bodied aparition sitting on a chair in the corner of their room (male guest)


Investigation Report

This investigation was the most active investigation that this team has been on – more active even than the private business done previously. Activity was recorded, along with EVP,  beginning on our pre-investigation walkthough the day before the investigation with hotel managment in the late afternoon. Along with the audible sound of a door handle being turned in one of the upstairs corridors – heard by five of us standing in the corridor at the time, and caught on recorder. This made us all very excited for what sort of activity we would encounter on the actual investigation.

The team started the evening with a very lovely meal at the Breakers restaurant, and sat talking and discussing the plan of action for the investigation until staff had finished their work for the night. We then did our initial full team walkthrough,  took baseline recordings (which showed no anomalous recordings), and decided where to place the two night vision cameras. One upstairs in what we called Ma Bartrum’s corrider (as that is where her bedroom was), and the other in the Oak room conference room in the hotel (where a patron had been stabbed to death some decades ago). Once all the equipment was set up and running, the team was divided into 3 different teams in order to cover the very large building. Investigation proper began at 10.30pm and ended at 3am. Temperature readings at arrival to the hotel were 11 Celcius, dropping to 8 Celcius by the time we began our investigation. The only area of the hotel that we were unable to have access to was the Crossroads pub. We are very grateful to have had access to the areas we were able to investigate.

Subjective Experiences: ( things team members felt with no objective or evidential back up )

  • Feelings of being watched and in some areas very unwelcome
  • Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, particularly in the staff toilet at the back of the kitchen
  • Feeling emotional in specific areas of the building
  • Feelings of being touched
  • Sudden obvious temperature drops (digital thermometer was unavailable in these cases)
  • Walking into cold spots (colder than ambient temperature), that were not debunk-able
  • Flashes / sparks of different colour lights
  • Seeing shadow people
  • Seeing an apparition – Ma’s corridor
  • Feeling the presence of spirit
  • Smelling different odours, most notably, violets (upstairs, mostly in Ma’s corridor), fresh cigarette smoke (upstairs,
    in Ma’s corridor), cat urine (mostly debunked), Daphne flowers (in Oak Room)
  • Feeling dizzy, light-headed, nauseated, instant headaches in particular spots
  • A child’s laughter – not caught on audio, but heard audibly by team members.
  • Hearing knocking sounds not caught on audio

Objective Experiences: ( Evidential based and in no particular order )

  • Various tapping, rapping, knocks and scraping noises
  • Responding to team member requests – on audio
  • Light anomalies – (orbs, not that many) – caught on camera
  • Footsteps caught on audio and on video audio,
  • Temperature drops of up to 3ºC recorded with digital laser thermometer
  • Spirit energy form (smoke like) caught in image and other photographic anomalies.
  • Numerous EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) caught on audio, many responding directly to questions asked by the investigators. One a residual? evp along with the sound of clinking glasses
  • Numerous (7) disembodied voices heard by team members and caught on audio or video
  • Footsteps caught on audio at different times, but within different groups in the team.
  • Electronic disturbances with the walkie talkies – making static noises when not being touched.
  • Feeling hugged – with temperature drop recorded around person, and evp captured at the same time.
  • Seeing an apparition outside room 15 suddenly appear beside a team member, giving her a start, along with an evp on audio saying “Boo”.
  • K2 meter flashing to red on numerous occasions witnessed by everyone in the restaurant area and other
    areas of the hotel by different groups within the team particularly in the entrance area with Nathan and Scotty
  • Other electronic disturbances, most notably with recorders failing, and cameras not working
  • Door handle turning in room, heard by 5 people and caught on audio in pre-investigation walk-through
  • Spirit responding to team members requests for it to move some of the toilet paper out of the toilet area.
  • Control object (Salt shaker) visibly moved off marked area in the Breakers restaurant area, when no team members or staff were present

What we were able to debunk

As paranormal investigators, it is our responsibility to try and find physical reasons for reported events, first and foremost, before we leap to the conclusion that anything is paranormal in origin. These are some possible solutions to what some have reported happening.

Shadow people: In the Breakers restaurant, and the Oak room it is possible that shadows people had been seeing in these two rooms, were in fact caused by the lights from traffic passing on the main highway beside the building. The position of the large number of windows allows maximum light into these areas. However, this does not account for all of the sightings in other parts where traffic lights do not reach.
Cat urine odour: The smell of cat urine in the Oak room and in a shower upstairs.  A dried urine puddle was found in the upstairs shower and fresh puddles in the downstairs toilet. But the question is, how is the cat getting into and out the oak room? This is a bit of a mystery to the management.  Also this does not explain the odoriferous fragrances that popped up out of the blue in other areas where team members were sitting, some of which had a distinct urine smell to them.
Cold spots: Some cold spots were simply the results of windows being open or cracked, or missing floor boards, or in one shower an opening in the roof.
Sounds: Some of the sounds were simply the result of people stepping on loose floorboards, or the building settling – given her age and the physical condition of the upstairs area. This however, does not account for all the reports and team experiences of hearing, bangs, clicks, glasses clinking, tapping and footsteps.

Most Notable Experiences

James: “My favorite moment was when I turned around near the shower in the hallway to see ma’s face staring into my eyes. She must have been a tall lady. Light brown skin with black hair set in curls, with piercing, golden brown eyes.”

Karla: “My best experience was in this wood shed and the green room. And when James and I saw the shadow figure along the alley way. It was so clear. Hearing the lady talk to me in the green room. Hearing spirit next to mewhere Daize’s dog got sick. The scratching by the wall.

Scratching caught on Karla’s digital recorder</span

Scratching/scraping sound caught on James’ digital recorder

Marianne: “There were a couple of events out of all of them on the night that stood out for me. The first was in the room a couple up from Ma’s. I was in there with the staff that were on the investigation with us. I felt arms go around me like I was being given a loving hug, and a temperature drop immediately around me, recorded with the digital thermometer. Then on review, hearing the evp captured at the same time, was quite validating for me.

Marianne speaks, then female spirit says “Is that you? (to another spirit). Male responds “That’s me at back of her”, Marianne then says shaky cold.

The other experience was when I was standing in the doorway of room 15 when suddenly an apparition in the form of a white figure appeared at my left shoulder. I got such a start, because the figure was solid, no features, just a white form. Then again on review there was audio to back up this experience of mine – a woman saying “Boo!”

Right at start of audio – Female spirit simply says “Boo!”, showing her sense of humour.

Nathan: “Best moment was sitting in the hallway to breakers with Scotty and hear the footsteps and child giggling. Called out on walkie talkie where tip and Karla were and they were in the wood store, I think. Checked breakers and it was empty. That was crazy for me. And we heard it twice.”
Scotty: “Mine would either be the same as Nate or when we were upstairs in the room near the kitchen and Tip me and Nate were talking and we heard the woman’s voice say hello and then snapping the pic of the misty figure.”

This is rather a long clip… The footsteps in the first 8 seconds of the recording are spirit. After that Nathan gets up and goes to investigate and you can hear his footsteps.

Tip: “The toilet paper on the floor that wasn’t there before you mentioned it Karla. That was cool. Because I asked the spirits to move the loo paper 20 minutes before it happened. What freaked me out about that, was the toilet paper looked clawed at the edges. My walkie kept going off (making odd noises), and the fact that me, Scotty, and Nathan heard the word “Hello”, which sounded like it came from a walkie talkie.


Overall this was the most active investigation that this team has been on. Right from the time we started we had impressive activity, including on the pre- investigation walk through, the previous day. Every investigator on the team had personal subjective experiences, some more than others. In terms of what evidence was captured, we obtained a huge amount, both subjective and objective. From the images collected, to the large amount of EVP captured to spirit responding to requests. Also the audible bangs, footsteps, laughter, and disembodied voices captured, not to mention the apparitions seen visibly. The Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team, has no question whatsoever, that the old Tavistock hotel complex has both active and residual hauntings. We thoroughly enjoyed our time investigating this grand old lady and are very grateful to the management of the hotel for their kindness in letting us run over the premises for the night.

So if you have gotten this far into the Tavistock/Breakers investigation page.. the really good stuff starts now 🙂


Evidence Obtained

So much audio evidence was captured, from audible bangs, responses to questions, disembodied voices, too many to list individually here. However in total out of 4 digital recorders that were running we got 137 separate evp (over 30 Class A), 10 disembodied voices caught, and about 20 bangs, knocks, tapping and voices. Don’t worry we aren’t posting them all. Only the ones we feel are the better of them all.. Most Class A, however some are not, but they are so good it is hard not to include them. A Class A recording is when the voice is audibly clear and totally easy to make out. It doesn’t have to be a loud voice, it is the clarity of the voice that is what makes it a Class A.

What is a particular stand out in most of these is that most of these EVP were fully responsive to what we were asking – or to what was happening in the room at the time the recording, or that the spirits were conversing amongst themselves. These evp have been sorted into sections… Straight voice EVP, Laughing/Whistling, Noises – bangs, taps, footsteps.   Enjoy!

Evp – Voices (Class A)

In the splashing you can hear a male spirit saying “I’ll give you some good photos”,  followed by Tip Speaking. Tip was in the basement of the hotel that has a few inches of water in it and had previously been asking spirit to show themselves in image. The photo he took immediately after this shows a huge number of orbs. The only such photo taken in that area.

You can hear Tip again speaking. Then a very cultured British sounding male speaks, saying “Sweet laughter” and talking slightly over Karla. This is an exceptional EVP.

This was captured in the toilets on the left side of the Breakers restaurant, during our baseline sweep for the evening. The male spirit mocking us, says “Spirits touch… doo do doo do” and then you can faintly hear a drawn out “Boooo” over Marianne’s voice

This one has a distinct Scottish (highlands, according to Scotty), accent. Taken during our baseline sweep, right by the Breakers bar. He says “Kit carried me.”

Same spirit as before talking over us in Breakers as we were getting organised to start, after baseline sweep.

This one is in the same area at around the same time. We think it is a child playing, saying “hello” over top of us again.

This one is referring to Marianne coming back into the Breakers area. A female spirit says “She’s coming, she’s coming”.

You hear Tip speak then you will hear two spirit in quick sucession: male “No”, female “yeah” then Tip inhaling.

James, Karla, & Tip are in the Green room at the back of the kitchen. You will hear Tip talk, then a female talk over him and Karla slightly as she starts to speak. The female says “Help us” almost in a whisper.

James & Karla talking followed by very depressed sounding female “What did you want?”

Nathan talking followed by a female who quickly whispers “I had a look”

This audio was captured along with previous ones in Breakers.. Again spirit are speaking over team members. You hear two people talk, then you hear the first spirit saying “They won’t finish”, then a little boy saying “Help me” Same voices as previously.

Quiet very fast female voice at beginning saying “Boo!” having just appeared to Marianne who responds startled. Followed by other team members speaking. This one is a favourite as it shows the spirit’s sense of humour. This was in the doorway of room 15

This audio was captured immediately after the last one in the same place as previous EVP. Marianne is just finishing saying she tripped when a male, older spirit, in a very scottish accent, and very concerned voice says to her.  “Pur gurl are ya alrite?” A female spirit also says “Yeah”

Team members are talking about feeling spirit energy around and how it is alot calmer when they are not around.  Spirit speaks over them saying “bullshit ” and some other unintelligble words. Spirit at end simply says “Yep!”

Scotty & Nathan were in the Oak room. Scotty is talking. Spirit responds “Not much”.

This was immediately after the previous EVP spirit says “Now” (as if to say the previous one had gotten over any anger?)

This is a VERY special EVP and a first in over 20 years of doing this work. This was in the initial walk through at the beginning of the evening. There were 4 recorders going in the room at that time. Scotty’s was the only one to pick up this clear kitty meowing. He meows over top of the team in the background.

Evp – Voices (Class A)

These next 8 audio are all taken in Ma’s room. In this one James is speaking followed by a woman saying “Natch” not sure if that is the name or a person? (edited to add: Marianne looked up the word Natch and it is a slang term, it stands for “Naturally; as may be expected.“)

We always introduce ourselves to spirit on our investigations. This is Marianne & Karla speaking (on the initial walkthough), followed by a woman saying”oh ok”.

Two male? spirit speaking to each other.. “Hmm It’s cold”  It is, its getting really cold”, followed by Marianne asking permission to enter her room

Marianne explaining how the K2 meter works.. Female (very fast and short) says “alright”, then a pause “thank you”

You can hear Marianne talking… meantime Daize is taking a picture. Female spirit whispers “ohhh that was bright” followed by Marshelle and then Diaze again.

Female spirit obviously bored with our conversation in the background, gives a sort of bored, semi-polite hmmm

Hine asking spirit to move back as she can feel one touching her back. Male responds “Sure”

We were just leaving Ma’s room after Marianne getting the feeling we needed to move on. Female spirit  Ma? responds “I didn’t do it.”

This is an interesting EVP.. Marianne is speaking and you hear a converstation between 3 spirits.. Firstly a female, “I didn’t do it.” Followed by a male saying “Drink!” then the clinking of glasses (none were in the room), and a final male saying(softly)”Thank you very much!” This is in the old lounge room

This is in room 33 just up from Ma’s room. You will hear team talking, then a little boy clearly says “What is that for?” and Marianne responds.

You hear Marianne talking.. then you hear a female spirit quickly say something “terrible examples”?, followed by another female spirit whispering to the little boy “Quick make a sound” the boy responds, “what? – oh” . Same room as previously

Room 33. Marianne speaks followed by a female spirit saying “That’s awesome!”, then Marshelle speaks.

Marianne in the upstairs lounge talking, followed immediately by a male spirit saying “What!” and a female spirit saying “Where’s the rest?”, referring to the rest of the team. We had broken up into small groups.

Daize and Hine? Talking about talking one more picture. Older female spirit quickly asks “What are you up too?

Karla talking in the green room followed by a male spirit saying “That’s a worry!”, then Karla talks again

A female spirit asks “Is that the lady from Doron?”  ( Referring to Marianne who just  was talking. Edited to add: Marianne looked up the word Doron – it is Hebrew in origin and means “gift”. Rather nice, don’t you think?)

Clear spirit saying “Hey!” followed by much softer and quiet conversation between two spirit “cigarettes”,” they smell cigarettes” , then Marianne starts to comment that she can smell cigarettes

This is Scotty talking. Spirit finishes his sentence for him “Special” then Marianne speaking in background.

Evp – Voices (Class B)

This was again in the Breakers area when we got a number of Class A recordings as well. The kid yelling in the background over our voices.

Marianne was talking to James about the current state of the hotel upstairs. They were in Ma’s room. A sad sounding female responds “It is sad”

Marianne is speaking and a female spirit comes in and says “If you have to” then Marianne finishes her thought

Child speaks after Marianne pauses “Who said that?” in room 33

After asking permission to enter Ma’s room Marianne promises they won’t stay long. Female spirit says to her “Aren’t you lovely”. She then tells the rest of the guest investigators to come into the room

Marianne is commenting on smell of violets. A male spirit disparagingly says “Shes mad!” A female spirit says “You really think…?”

Marianne explaining how the Walkie talkie works. Female spirit says “You’ll get in trouble if you don’t”

Daize asking how old spirit is. Male responds (very quickly) “Thirty”.

Daize, Hine, Marshelle,  & Marianne, discussing how they can suddenly smell a violet smell, that masks the pee smell. A female spirit talks over them saying “Wow! Amazing” and an old male over the top of the girls says “Well look at that!” (very softly)

At the very end of this segment you hear a very distant and tinny sounding male spirit speaking a name “Adelaide”

Female spirit right at the beginning of this clip saying “Marianne! Help me?”

Depressed sounding female spirit commenting on Karla, who was recovering from the flu. She says “She shouldn’t be here”.

Three male spirits talking.. first one says “ok”. The second one says “Have a listen”. The third male sounds like he is speaking through an old wireless radio “I’m so dead”.


Evp – Voices (Class B)

Female spirit says “Who is it?” Then you hear Scotty talking about the K2 Meter just going off.

Marianne starts speaking, then  you can hear a conversation between 3 different spirits, male & female -except for the last younger one who says “I know”. It is hard to make out what they are saying though. Then Marianne finishes her sentence

This was captured during the preinvestigation walkthough the previous day. One of the staff was talking about how she felt about being physically touched by spirit…A male spirit says “that’s good” very quietly between the two voices

This is a soft and fast male voice saying “Im here. Are you listening?”

Female spirit talking under Karla’s voice, she simply says “Marianne” in a very accented (?British) voice

Male spirit responding to Tip – He says “Downstairs”.

Gruff, low and fast spirit responding to James and Karla commenting on the temperature in the green room dropping. He says “Me!”

Karla speaking then curious female spirit asks “What is that?” referring to the digital recorder Karla was holding.

Spirit saying “Hello!”

Female spirit saying “I’ll take this room”.

This is an interesting EVP. James and Marianne were in the green room. James had just seen a shadow person in the kitchen door. The spirit responds shocked “Lord! He can see me!”

Spirit had just made the K2 meter light up. Marianne didn’t see it and thanked spirit regardless. A male spirit responds with “Good!”


 Disembodied Voices (heard audibly)

James says.. I hope this has worked properly – then disembodied unintelligble voice – can’t make out what it says. James hears it though

Voice says “hey!” heard audibly by Tip who comments

VERY faint disembodied voice, heard by Karla at beginning of clip, also heard by James.

Deep gravelly disembodied voice responds to James’ question in the green room “What for!” Heard by Karla, followed by a tapping noise.

Marianne speaking interupted by unintelligible, metalic sounding voice. Heard by James as well. Both were in the green room

Marianne speaking, interupted by male disembodied voice saying “Who is it?” “Damn it!”. Heard by James as well. They were both upstairs in the corridors at this time.

Disembodied female says “Her name is Ivy”. Then James whispers “Is your name Ivy?”  pause then Marianne whispers she just heard a woman talking and James says he did as well.

Marianne talking, interupted by audible disembodied footsteps. Heard by James as well. Both were sitting in the Oak room

Laughter, Whistling, Growls, Bangs, & Taps

This is a door handle being pulled down about 6 feet from where 5 of us were standing talking on the pre-investigation walkthough the day before. Diaze is speaking interupted by the door handle, then Karla & Marianne speak up.

James hears the door bang shut by itself. No one else heard it at the time.

Tapping noises heard by James & Karla on the inital walk-though.

Tapping noise in the green room.

Female spirit chuckling over the top of the team’s excitment over an image Scotty captured. James says thank you, then a soft male voice says “you are very welcome” this photo is the one with the room all yellowy looking and misty.


Laughter, Whistling, Growls, Bangs, & Taps

Karla talking,  followed by growling noise.

Suppressed chuckle or snort over Tips excitement on finding the toilet paper on the ground.

All this laughter in this clip belongs to spirit.

Woman laughing over team, also says unintelligble word

Loud bang heard by James & Marianne in green room.

Mischevious chuckle over team talking in Breakers

Kid making fun of Hine who always said “holey moley” – he finished the mole part off for her. This was in Breakers after we got a shot full of orbs.

Clear as whistling. No doubt!

Growling while James was speaking in Breakers.

Banging noise before James saw Shadow figure in green room.

Spirit chuckling (or coughing?) over how spirit wouldn’t allow us to take photos in the room where Marianne got surprised by the spirit.

Door banging in upstairs lounge by kitchen.


In total we took 467 photos. There were not as many orbs as one might have expected (less than 30, in fact), if one were to consider orbs just dust – especially considering the age of the hotel and the condition of some of the areas of the upstairs region. There is one particularly good orb photo taken when the K2 meter was going wild in Breakers. At Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations, we have a rule that we do not include orb shots unless they are accompanied by some objective evidence, such as EVP or a temperature drop, or the K2 meter is going off – without a physical reason, or a combination of all. That being said here are our images.

We had two night vision videos running – one was placed at the far end of Ma Bartrum’s corridor, outside her room. The other was placed against the outside door in
the Oak room looking towards the toilet Area. One of these cameras was in full colour, the other filmed in a green shade that one most often sees on the paranormal TV shows. In total this gave us 7 hours of video. Out of which we extracted a number of EVP, bangsand other noises which were collated into two separate video clips one for each area.