Public Business

12th August 2017


Phase of Moon


Waning Gibbous




15 Celcius


Weather Conditions


Overcast, scattered showers



 Team Members Attending:

James, Jasmine, Marianne, Nathan, Scotty

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter, Night Vision Video Cameras



History of the Investigation Sites

Due to the need to retain privacy for this business, Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations is unable to give any history on this land or business buildings as it is local to the bay and may be recognized. For this same reason we are unable to show photos of the exterior or areas that could potentially be recognised by the public. We appreciate your understanding.


Paranormal Reports

Historical reports of paranormal activity

There are no known historical accounts of paranormal activity in this location, that the current owners are aware of. They have only been in operation and owned the location for less than 3 years.

Current reports of paranormal activity

Prior to the investigation Karla, Marianne, and Scotty did a walk through of the business with the management and then interviewed staff who were prepared to talk to us on the condition of anonimity. Activity reported by the current owners and staff of the business include the following: 

  • Hearing whispering in one’s ears.
  • Hearing disembodied voices.
  • Hearing one’s name being called, when no one else was present.
  • Seeing shadow people and moving shadows.
  • Smelling unusual odours at times (rarely).
  • Feeling unexplainable breezes at times.
  • Hearing tapping or knocking.
  • Objects (specifically keys), being moved from where left.
  • Seeing movement out of the corner of the eye.
  • Feeling of being physically touched.
  • Lights turning on and off.
  • Feeling goosebumps in certain areas of the building.
  • Emotional changes in specific areas of the building, enough to bring one of the owners to tears.

Investigation Report

This was a very interesting investigation. Activity was recorded, along with EVP, beginning on our pre-investigation walk though with business managment. Also a main door was found open, when we specifically left it shut after we entered the area. None of the staff had been in the area (apart from the management who were showing us around).

The team started the evening with our initial full team walk through, where we took baseline recordings (as our equipment would not work on the premises during the pre-investigation walk through. However; once off the site, the equipment again functioned correctly). We placed one camera in the back storage area of the business, where a lot of activity has been reported, and the other we placed facing along a corridor.

Once all the equipment was set up and running, the team was divided into 3 different teams (a few of the business staff were also part of the investigation with us). Investigation proper began at 10.30pm and ended at 2am. Temperature readings at arrival to the hotel were 15 Celcius. It was overcast with scattered showers.

This is a very old building in various states of repair. There were some cracked windows and in one specific area, a pane of glass was missing entirely. There also were loose floorboards and small gaps between the floor boards in some places. That being said, these were in areas, where the clients of the business did not have access to.

Subjective Experiences: ( things team members felt with no objective or evidential back up )

  • Feelings of being breathed on
  • Seeing shadow people (one with hand waving in front of her face)
  • Heard footsteps
  • Smelling the odour of cat pee (x2), damp sock smell in kitchen, perfume, and cigarette smoke
  • Sudden obvious temperature drops (digital thermometer was unavailable in these cases)
  • Seeing a full bodied apparition – outside
  • Feeling the presence of spirit
  • Feeling dizzy, light-headed, in particular spots – most notably upstairs
  • Hearing knocking sounds
  • Feeling physically touched (hand on head)
  • Chest drawers found opened (never open)
  • Papers found hanging on hook in unused room

Objective Experiences: ( Evidential based, and in no particular order)

  •  Temperature drops 3-5 degrees
  • Seeing orbs (caught on camera)
  • Disembodied voices
  • Knocking
  • K2 meter going to orange
  • Other electronic disturbances such as cameras not working properly
  • Door opened when left shut, and outside door opened by itself in front of 4 people
  • String hanging in garage storage area caught moving by itself on video – we were unable to debunk this
  • Deep frying vats found turned on by themselves, when they were specifically turned off at end of business.
  • Disembodied voices and footsteps caught on audio
  • Apparition caught on camera, other photographic anomalies

What We Were Able To Debunk:

As paranormal investigators, it is our responsibility to try and find physical reasons for reported events, first and foremost, before we leap to the conclusion that anything is paranormal in origin. These are some possible solutions to what some have reported happening.

Cold spots: Some cold spots were simply the results of windows being open or cracked, or gaps in the floor boards.
Sounds: Some of the sounds were simply the result of people stepping on loose floorboards, or the building settling – given the age and physical condition of parts of the building.

Most Notable Team Experiences:

The most notable experiences we had on the evening were during the whole team initial sweep – where at least 4 of us (including the current owner of the business) watched a locked outside door, open in front of our eyes. We did catch a photo of it when it was initially opening, but due to privacy cannot unfortunately show that image.  That was pretty cool.

The other experience was when James and Scotty were out the back of the business, checking out the area there, when they both saw a full bodied apparition of a male, wearing a hat and he was clearly seen for a number of seconds. They took some photos when they got over their shock and obtained an image that we feel shows him as an outline. This one we can show as it has no distinguishing landmarks that people could recognize.  This incident was pretty exciting to us all and was discussed animatedly for the rest of the investigation.


This was a very active investigation. Right from the time we started we had impressive activity, including on the pre- investigation walk through. Most investigators on the team had personal subjective experiences, some more than others. In terms of what evidence was captured, we obtained both subjective and objective data. From the images collected, to the large amount of EVP captured, to spirit responding to questions displaying that they were an intelligent, active haunting. Not to mention the apparition that was seen visibly by James & Scotty, and the door opening in front of our eyes.

Lastly, not forgetting the video evidence obtained of active orbs in one area of the business (we cannot show this video due to privacy), or the string swinging by itself over a period of 10 minutes that we were unable to debunk (this one we can show as it is in the back storage area of the business that is not recognizable to the public).

The Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team, has no question that this business has active and intelligent hauntings. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with this business and are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to do this investigation.

Evidence Obtained

So much audio evidence was captured, responses to questions, disembodied voices, too many to list individually here. However in total out of 4 digital recorders that were running we got 91 separate recordings – 15 Class A EVP, 12 disembodied voices caught, and about 4 odd noises or footsteps (often we have doubles of the evp and noises due to there generally being 2 recorders running in the same area at the same time). The rest were Class B or C recordings… For clarification of classes of evp, please visit our Terminology page.

A disembodied voice is a voice that is audibly heard by investigators, where there was no other physical person present who could have spoken the words, as opposed to an EVP which is only heard on play back of the recordings.

What is a particular stand out in most of these is that most of these EVP were fully responsive to what we were asking – or to what was happening in the room at the time the recording, or that the spirits were conversing amongst themselves. These evp have been sorted into sections… Straight voice EVP, Disembodied voices, noises. Enjoy!

Disembodied Voices

This is a direct response to what James was saying the disembodied voice (very quietly) says “it was”. Heard by James and one other team member.

We are discussing the woman in the previous clip and the men were speculating on the lipstick she wore (one team member saw her briefly). James says fire-engine red, then this woman’s voice says no, growling him. A guest investigator heard this as a growl and indeed it was, of sorts. 🙂

These two voices are heard by a 4 team members. The voices are in the corridor outside the room they were currently sitting in talking, (actually discussing Trump and how they felt about him). This was caught on two recorders. This recording is not so clear as the next. But you hear a wheeze or laugh and an unintelligble woman’s voice

This is the second recorder’s capture of the wheezing sound and the female speaking – her voice is clearer in this one, we think she says “I’m not really happy about it”. But you may hear something different

Disembodied Voices

This one would be regarded as a Class A disembodied voice. It is so clear and so easy to understand. “In there” he says.

These next two recordings were captured during the pre-investigation walkthrough and were heard by Karla, Marianne, & Scotty and caught on both recorders that were running at the time. The voice says “Och”

This is a slightly longer version from the second recorder

Marianne is just saying how the energy in a particular room feels funny, when a voice pops in and says Och – head by Marianne and other team members

Evp – Voices (Class A)

In this clip James and Scotty are outside talking, there is a pause then this male clearly whispers two words…”come here”, then Scotty speaks again.

Scotty is asking spirit if they are the same character that they saw outside. You hear a  voice respond with a similar Scottish accent, saying one word “aye”.

This one interupts one of the team guests talking – he says “good”

This is a direct response to a question James is asking- the male with a scottish accent says “I did”

This one interjects during a team discussion and says “Turn away from the bad” with the last word sort of being drawn out.

This one comes in at the end of Jame’s discussion, describing how it was for James “It was like boom!”

Marianne was talking to one of the guests, explaining about setting boundaries with spirit, when a male interjects with a “yeah” agreeing with her.

Evp – Voices (Class A)

Again during the discussion with the guest Marianne was talking about spirit being an unknown and a male spirit agrees saying “It is”

Further into the discussion Marianne was telling the guest that she felt this spirit just wanted to be acknowleged (as in his presence being in the house), a male responds “I do” or “It is” can’t quite decide on that one, but whichever it is, it is an agreement with what is being said. What do you think it says?

This is actually two male spirit talking together between the guest investigators words. They are fast and the second one is much quieter and faster. The first says “That was cool” the second a few seconds later says “It was/is”

This was a very interesting one. Marianne was explaining to one of the guests how when there is a more negative spirit around, that they often have a bad odour with them, but that they can’t control this and would rather not we know and a male comes in agreeing with her “Yes”

This one was taken during our initial baseline sweep of the business and is sort of trying to get our attention. The voice is high pitched and somewhat distant sounding, but still very clear “Yoo hoo!”

Bangs, footsteps

Audible bang.

Jasmine and Marianne are talking – Footsteps can be heard in the background. To us, it sounds like someone in heels.

Class B EVP

This spirit interjects between Marianne and Jame’s converstation, quiet and fast. He says “Extremely”

We think this one drops the “f” word, so if that offends, please don’t listen. He comes in after James was talking – and is very fast.

This one is high pitched and very metalic sounding – as sometimes EVP are. We think it says “Go away”

This one was taken shortly after the previous one and you can simply hear something growl between us talking.

We were discussing the deep frying vats being turned back on, when a voice at the end says hmmm.

This one is high pitched, very metallic and distant sounding, and is a direct response to Scotty’s question. “It’s very hard”.

We are not really sure what this voice says, that comes in after Marianne was talking.

This one is not so easy to hear, but he is talking to Marianne and asks her “Why did you take so long?”.

Marianne is telling a guest investigator what she said to her son about something he saw in their house at home (Some of the responses to that are in the Class A section). This voice comes in at the end and says “Hero” (we think). What do you hear?

This one is just a laugh, between the voices

This is spirit disagreeing with what Scotty was saying. “Not!”

This one simply says “Oh shit!”

Class B Evp

Male voice saying “Nah she won’t”.

Male and female spirit BOTH saying “Fine”.

Spirit speaking before James. We think she says “So alive”.

Very high pitched, metallic, distant sounding and fast voice saying “Time to go home”

This is a very easy to hear voice following Scotty, but we can’t quite make out what it is saying.

Another metallic and high pitched sounding EVP “Wait”.

This is 3 spirit having a conversation over Scotty talking about the apparition he and James saw outside. The first an older sounding male (with accent) says “Who?”. The second says a name that sounds like “Mason” and the third says “Fark” , in a drawn out voice. We feel they were discussing who it was that James and Scotty saw outside.

Jasmine talking about how she felt a temperature change in the room, then Nathan comes in, then you hear an older male say “Yeah!”.

These next lot of audio were from the pre-investigation walk through. I had just finished introducing us all to the spirit and a female comes in and says “Hi”. This was caught on both recorders that were running at the time

This one is rather lovely. The spirit says, “It’s her kitchen, fortunately”. We feel like she is approving of the current owners <3

As Marianne smelt a smell, this male voice whispers “Open up”.

Marianne was feeling slightly dizzy in this particular area. She has a habit of using this word that spirit fills in for her “Shit!”.

We were discussing central heating vents, when this confused voices pipes up at the end “What?”.

This was very interesting. Towards the end of our  walk through, Scotty spots a shadow person. After we have finished talking about it, you can hear two female spirits talking. The first one sounds somewhat pissed off about the shadow person being in her space and says “Where. Is. It.?” A female responds, very quickly and softly “Over there”

Storage area - pre-investigation walkthrough


This image was taken on the pre-investigation walk through with the site owners. We are not photographic experts but cannot account for why this image would come out like this. This storage area, was possible the most active area of the business, as evidenced by the video taken in the area during the investigation

Storage area - taken during investigation


This image was taken during the investigation. We are not photographic experts but cannot account for why this image would come out like this. This storage area, was possible the most active area of the business, as evidenced by the video taken in the area during the investigation

Figure - outside area


This image was taken immediately after James and Scotty saw the full bodied apparition in the outside area. James fortunately had the presence of mind to try and capture an image of him. This is what he managed to capture.

Image outlined


This is just the image outlined. Please note the contrast has been adjusted in both of these images to allow the figure to be seen more clearly.