Private Home, Hastings

11th April, 2017

Phase of Moon


Full Moon



22.7 C

Weather Conditions


Overcast, scattered showers


 Team Members Attending:

Marianne, Diane, Greg, The Professor, Helen, Monica,

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter

History of the Investigation Site

There is actually very little history to this house and site apart from the following that we were able to find out. The house was built in the  1950’s. Sold Dec 2004, sold 2006, sold 2008, sold 2013.  So it had a regular turn over of owners, once the original owner died and it was sold. That a house was sold on at such a short space of time, 3 times before our client purchased it, says that it is likely there have been issues there the whole time.

This house is in a suburb of Hastings, and  is located about four kilometres from central Hastings. The Hastings area was originally settled by Europeans in 1864 when Thomas Tanner leased 7000 hectares of land from the Māori land owners. After this 12 Europeans, who were later referred to as the 12 apostles, got together to buy the Heretaunga Block, which instigated larger settlement of the area. The client’s property is in  a residential suburb with many family and character homes throughout in the area, most were built from the mid-1900s onwards.


Investigation Report

On our initial interview with the home owner, they listed a large number of events happening in their home, that made them feel really uncomfortable, and that they wanted some answers to. Some of the things that the owner had experienced were the following:

  • Hearing disembodied voices
  • Tapping, knocking and banging noises, that had no obvious physical explanation. The owner had gone so far as to have the house plumbing / drains checked thinking they might be the source of the noises
  • Electrical disturbances – tv changing channel when no one changed it. Appliances turning on and off
  • Hearing footsteps in the house when no one else was at home
  • Physical touching – hair or clothing being tugged to physical slaps on arms
  • Feeling breathing on neck
  • Full bodied apparitions to smokey, misty forms
  • Voices calling the home owners name
  • Security door, kept locked at night – frequently found not only unlocked but wide open
  • Cold spots and unexplained breezes in different areas of the home

Our investigation began at 9pm and concluded at 3am. During this time period the team members present all experienced a number of the same things that the owner was experiencing. It was a fairly active investigation and absolute validation for the home owner. One of the team members became ill during the investigation so they were taken home, a couple of hours into the investigation.

Subjective Experiences:

  • Seeing a shadow person
  • Seeing an apparition in the hallway
  • Feeling someone playing with their hair
  • Feeling someone touching them
  • Hearing audible footsteps in the kitchen and other unexplained noises such as bangs, static noises
  • Feeling dizzy or nauseated (3 members at different times)
  • Feeling of someone standing right behind them
  • Feeling cold spots
  • Feeling nervous and anxious in specific areas of the home
  • Seeing various light anomolies including an orb
  • Smelling the distinct odour of moth balls (none in the house), and other odours in various places in the home
  • Hearing audible humming, growls or moaning – not caught on audio

Objective Experiences:

  • Marked drops in temperature caught with the digital thermometer, some of as much as 4 degrees, mostly though around 2 degree drop
  • K2 Meter going off markedly in specific areas where there was no physical electrical interference
  • The punching bag hanging on veranda swinging by itself (no wind), along with the K2 meter going to red and a marked temperature drop (we were unable to obtain video of the bag moving as the camera wouldn’t work)
  • Disembodied voices caught on tape.

Notable Experiences:

Probably the most notable experiences of the evening were the ones we were unable to capture – that is, the boxing bag swinging wildly by itself (with no breeze). This hanging bag was in a sheltered position on the back veranda of the property – there was no breeze at either time we caught it moving. The first time this event lasted for a good 5 minutes. Swinging wildly, with a marked temperature drop of 5 degrees from the ambient temperature, with light anomolies seen around the bag as well. Unfortunately we were unable to get the camera to work to be able to video it at that stage. So frustrating, but is often the way. This was seen by ALL members on that investigation.

This happened twice that evening. The second time we caught the bag swinging, it was not moving as wildly as with the first event, more a gentle swaying. The video on the camera still wouldn’t work, but we were able to snap off a whole pile of stills, that came out totally black…. So obviously spirit did not wish those events to be on camera. The second event was witnessed by 3 of us.


Evidence Obtained


Female asking, is there some reason I am here? Followed by Helen agreeing with a comment someone was making.

Two members talking, male spirit interjects between their conversation and says help.

Taking temperature following sudden drop, when male voice interjects and says not yet.

Marianne talking, then sniffs as she smells foul odour Evp of noise then  spirit responds. He seems impressed that he evoked a response.

Spirit responding to what male member of household is saying. Not impressed with him, far out he says.

Not entirely sure if this spirit is saying clown or now? This is a follow on from previous evp.

Older Male saying I hear you.

The professor asking if it is safe to go to the toilet in the house.. a faint female  spirit responds at the end – it is

Marianne commenting on orbs she was physically seeing – an image was snapped of her pointing at one while this evp was collected at the same time. Not too sure about this voice – creepy sounding one – What else would you like to see?

Monica complaining to spirit about the onslaught of particuarly pungent odours… he responds with why?

Monica commenting on feeling cold chills, spirit responds with the word cold.


Stating how it is important to rule out the physical causes of events first, when an older male speaks over the top of speaker and says be careful.

Spirit mimicking what is said.

Spirit response to speaker  who is stating that she thought it was Helen humming in disembodied voices clip.

Female spirit saying Marianne is…. really drawing out the is almost to a hiss.

Not sure if this spirit is saying drat or brat? You choose.

Spirit talking and making weird metalic noises in the middle of the clip. Can hear two distinct voices but can’t make out what they are saying.

Spirit saying not really, in response to something a team member was saying


Disembodied voices

Disembodied voice which Monica heard as a growling sound.

Very clearly heard (by three of us), disembodied voice…. This voice was also heard on two other occassions in the hall by the Professor and Marianne, but not captured on audio


We are very aware of the dust vs orbs debate, so at Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations, we have made it a rule to only allow these images when caught in conjunction with other objective evidence, such as evp, K2 meters going off, or marked and recorded temperature drops.

Team members hard at work

Marianne pointing out light anomolies she was seeing with her eyes, orbs caught on camera, at same time evp captured, which is in the list of evp.

This image was taken after we heard electronic noises and clicking sounds coming from the tv. The K2 meter was also jumping to red, along with a temperature drop. Identifying images have been blurred for clients privacy.

Small orb captured behind Diane as Monica and Marianne heard disembodied noise. The audio is in the links

More orbs behind Diane. Diane had been feeling as though someone was standing behind her and that someone touched her hair, also there was a marked temperature drop of several degrees.

Footsteps heard in hallway, so this image was snapped. Not captured on audio, but associated with a marked temperature drop and K2 activity.