Are Paranormal Investigations Dangerous?

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Are Paranormal Investigations Dangerous?

20th February, 2017

Car Crash_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations So the questions is asked – Are paranormal investigations dangerous? In short yes, they most definitely can be. But then, driving in a car or bungy jumping can be dangerous as well. The key is education and preparation.

Many people think that paranormal investigations, or “ghost hunting” is an easy thing to do. That all you need are a few basic tools, or even just a simply curiosity. Some abandoned, supposedly haunted building or location and away you go.  Most certainly you can do that. Many people in fact, do. But a paranormal investigation, for those serious about this isn’t to be treated like a fun night out chasing up spooks. I like what this person has to say about preparation for an investigation:

“A paranormal investigation shouldn’t be treated like a fun night out. It should be planned with the same care and respect that you’d use if you decided to start cave diving. You certainly wouldn’t just go out and purchase scuba equipment and head to your nearest cave. You’d spend months, if not years, learning how to dive first to prevent yourself from getting lost and drowning inside a cave. You’d then research and train with someone who knew how to cave dive. You would also bring a map, as well as a companion who knew the cave well.”

What are some of the dangers?

What are some of the dangers associated with paranormal investigations or “ghost hunting”?  Actually there are many different types of dangers that can occur when someone is doing a paranormal investigation. These can range from both physical to mental, to spirit attachment, and / or spirit following you home.  Let’s go over these in a little more detail.

Physical or Environmental Dangers.

Some of the obvious physical dangers to be found when investigating in old or abandoned buildings are things like:Abandoned buildings pose multiple safety risks_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

  1. The safety of the structure,
  2. Objects that could fall and hurt someone
  3. Rotten stairs, or floor boards
  4. Broken glass laying around
  5. Loose boards that people could trip and fall on

Some of the environmental factors could be:

  1. The current weather conditions – (Although here in New Zealand, we don’t generally have the extremes that other countries do)
  2. Wearing inadequate clothing for the conditions
  3. Wearing inadequate footwear for the conditions (an obvious example of this is bare feet around broken glass)
  4. Black mold,  or old asbestos from broken ceilings and walls in old buildings
  5. Is this a high crime or drug trafficing area?
Emotional or Mental Dangers.

Emotional or mental dangers  you ask? How is that possible!?! Well actually it is very possible and not as uncommon as one might think. Some people who are drawn to this field of investigation may have fantasies, obsessions or even delusions of some aspect or all of the paranormal – or they may have binged watched the latest “ghost hunting” show that is on tv and think that reality is like what they saw ( it totally is not! ). Some may have dabbled in the occult or Wiccan practices without proper knowledge or training, and some investigators deliberately try to provoke to stir up activity. These people know just enough to be dangerous to themselves. Very often these people are actually very charming and personable, but they carry a hidden agenda with them. What they don’t realise is that for susceptible people this can lead to further obsessions and sometimes even a total break from what we regard as reality. This can be further exacerbated by our next section on spirit attachment  – very often these types of people are the most vulnerable to spirit attachment.

Spiritual Dangers.

There are inherent dangers with paranormal investigations and the seeking of evidence. Some of these are minor and can easily be dealt with, once you recognise them. Some are more devious in nature and do not show their true selves until they have firmly established themselves in the lives of the investigator. I am referring here to entities, ghosts, spirits or whatever you wish to call them. When a person passes from this life into the next – they carry with them the personality that they had in this one, and for the most part retain that as a spirit. So if that was a kind, gentle, loving person in life, that is what they will be in spirit. If they were mean, angry, hostile, controlling in life, that is what they will be in spirit.

Investigators, particularly the type mentioned previously, or those with current drug or alcohol addictions, are very vulnerable to spirit attachment. We do not allow people with current drug or alcohol issues to be part of our team, and have a very strict screening process. This is for both their safety and that of other team members.

What is spirit attachment?

Spirit Attachments,  or possessions are the same thing, but to different degrees. An attachment is when they have joined themselves to a persons energies and are influencing behaviour. A possession is when the entity completely controls the person. These are spirits who have not moved on from the earth plane for one reason or another,  who have attached to an energy field solely, for the purposes of using that persons energy and/or manipulating their behavior to serve themselves. An example of this is next.

Shadow People_Shadowlands Paranormal InvestigationsI have an very recent example from my own family of this. A family member had become a severe alcoholic. This person never drunk ever,  until she got an attachment at a house she was living in nearly 15 years ago. Once that entity attached himself to her, she started craving alcohol. This entity was an alcoholic in life and in fact died from this illness – he missed the drinking and so influenced her to drink, heavily. This person has since detoxed and is sober, we are now working on removing this attachment from her. So indeed it happens and more regularly than people might realise. Understand though, that this is not an excuse for poor behaviour, ultimately we are all responsible for our own choices. But certainly spirit can influence heavily – especially when they have attached themselves to a persons energy.

Other than the worst case scenario mentioned above, spirits can follow investigators home and create havoc in their lives, depending on their personalities and ultimate goals. From simple things like moving objects around the home, to trying to attach to the investigator. To prevent these from happening, paranormal investigators need to make sure that before investigations, that they ground themselves and place protection around themselves (this could be in the form of a religious prayer, or a visualisation technique). Then at the end of the investigation, they verbally state that spirit is not permitted to follow themselves home, they clean their energies and reground themselves.

This is one of the reasons why our team members always work in pairs, never ever alone – and one of the reasons why we do not use provocation.


Yes indeed paranormal investigations can hold multiple types of dangers. Some seen, some unseen. As I stated at the beginning of this post the key to a safe investigation is education and preparation. So long as you are well educated in what you are doing, in the place you are investigating (including potential physical hazzards), and in the tools you are using then physically you should be ok. So long as you ground yourself, place spiritual  protection around yourself during the investigation, you will be fine. So long as you reground  yourself, tell spirit they cannot follow you home, and cleanse your energies at the end of an investigation, then you should be fine. To miss doing any of these things before or after an investigation is opening yourself for issues you may not be prepared to handle.

 Til next time –


Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team