Kaikora & Otane Cemeteries

16th June 2017


Phase of Moon


Waning Gibbous



3.4 Celcius

Weather Conditions



  Team Members Attending:

Marianne, Karla, Scotty, Tip

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter

History of the Investigation Sites

Otane Cemetery
Otane Cemetery
Otane Cemetery

 Otane Town

Small township off State Highway 2 north of Waipawa, with a 2013 population of 537. Otane was founded in 1874 on part of runholder Henry Tiffen’s 5140-hectare Homewood estate, which had been subdivided into smaller farms. A township called Kaikora emerged during the 1850s and 1860s near present-day Otane, but this declined after Otane became established.


Kaikora North Cemetery (closed to burials)

This cemetery is situated adjacent to the Wellington-Napier railway line, opposite the intersection of Carruthers St and Knorpe Street Otane. It was closed following the last burial in 1903. The headstone and surrounds had deteriorated to such an extent they had became a danger. Many headstones were made out of wood and were destroyed by grass fires caused by sparks from the passing steam trains. Those headstones able to be salvaged are now at the Otane Cemetery on State Highway 2. Recently a memorial has been erected on the Kaikora Cemetery site along with a board listing the known burials.      http://www.chbdc.govt.nz/services/cemeteries/cemetery-locations/


Otane Cemetery (closed to burials)

We were unable to find out much information on the Otane Cemetery, but this cemetery also is now closed to burials.



Investigation Report

This was a training investigation for new members in the team.  The point of this investigation, was to get the new members used to recording and documenting investigations. It was also to give them some experience at using the electronic equipment, and how to do EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions with digital recorders.

Objective Experiences:

  • K2 meter went off slightly on two occassions, it changed one colour
  • Slight temperature drops of up to 2 degrees on the digital thermometer
  • Numerous evp captured
  • Disembodied voices heard on several occassions, several captured on the digital recorders
  • Photographs of orbs, where marked evp were also captured (both cemeteries)
  • Feeling the presence of a child and capturing his voice on audio at the same time

Subjective Experiences:

  • Seeing shadow people and forms
  • Seeing misty anomolies
  • Feeling nauseated in one area
  • Feelings of goosebumps, or “pins & needles”
  • Feeling cold or emotional in specific areas. This hit one of the male team members particularly hard at the memorial for the young lads at the Kaikora Cemetery. (Where the crosses are in the image in the history section).
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Feeling the gentle touch of a hand on one of the members face

Most Notable Experiences:

Likely the most notable experiences for the team members in training were, the k2 meter going off and hearing audible footsteps (unfortunately not captured on the digital recorders), also hearing disembodied voices (several captured on audio). Lastly feeling the presence of a child at a specific area (3 members at different times), along with capturing his voice on audio.


Evidence Obtained

Evp from Otane Cemetery, Otane

This is a very breathy and drawn out male responding to what Marianne had said previously – “But where?”

This male obviously thinks that Scottie had not finished his sentence (talking about investigating), so he finishes it for him – “Ever!”

This is a female spirit agreeing with what is being said…This is a Class A EVP with no enhancement.

This is a male spirit with a British accent trying to catch Marianne’s attention. He says “Hey… Marianne!”, then a wee bit later “what?” as though someone is saying something to him. This is a Class A EVP with no enhancement.

This is a very sweet female telling us it is “Lovely” that we were able to catch an orb energy. This is a Class A EVP with no enhancement.

This is a male agreeing with Marianne telling the team members to turn their flashlights off – “Yeah!”

This Karla, introducing Tip to a friend of hers, Selwyn, who was buried at the cemetery. Selwyn replies “Here I am”. Very fast and quietly.

This is a female, seemingly bemused at the instrument Tip was using at the time. This is a Class A EVP with no enhancement… She simply says “Huh”

This is a little difficult to make out as the lads  are speaking over us – but if you listen closely you can actually pick up bit of a Scottish accent… He says “It’s NOT” – referring to our comments about feeling cold energy on our lower legs (and coming in immediately after yeah), then a brief pause, and a different voice says “It’s Alex!”  

This is two male voices. The first with that breathy sound says “Get out”, the other comes in towards the end and says “Listen” – he has almost an American type accent.

Karla inviting spirit to touch the K2 Meter, to get it to change colours. Spirit responds with “We can’t touch” (very faint).

Karla was explaining about the earthquake that toppled some monuments, spirit interjects with “We did!” In agreement with her.

Very quiet and breathy male responding to Karla’s wanting them to touch the meter. He says “Yes you do.”

Very distant, fast ,and slightly metalic sounding female saying “Your right there!” in response to what Karla was saying

Disembodied voices from Otane Cemetery, Otane

This very clear and highly audible disembodied voice (sounds like a child), appeared to be having some fun at our expense. Heard clearly by Marianne & Scotty.

This was audibly heard by Marianne as a voice.. but the recording picked up this metallic sounding noise, it appears that the spirit is trying to articulate verbally, but not quite succeeding.

Evp from Kaikora Cemetery, Otane

Marianne is introducing herself, explaining why the team is there, and what they will be doing. This is a normal part of our routine and is done out of respect for spirit. You hear a child say their name “Aiden” followed by a female who says “Very well”, and another that says “yeah, yeah” (sounds quite distant – not Karla), almost on top of each other.

We were discussing if it was ok to go onto the land of the cemetery, when a female says “Yes” and a male exhales.

Marianne was talking about climbing over the fence. Karla gasps, followed by ohh. Then a female spirit says “Hmmm”. This is a Class A EVP.

Marianne had just finished introducing the team members to spirit. Something we always do in any place we go to. Young male (probably from car accident as language is modern), says “Hi guys”

We were contemplating going back to the end of the cemetery land, when a spirit says “Go back” or “Yes Please”. There is a little healthy debate in the team about which it is… What do you think?

Female spirit talking,  first says “Edwin? (can’t quite make out name) look!”,  “oh”,  and child (breathy sounding), responds with an interested and drawn out – “Yeah” . This is a Class A EVP.

Karla explaining that all the gravestones in this cemetery were wooden and were destroyed in a fire when a spark from a passing train ignited them. An older female spirit agrees with her saying “They were.”

This one is very faint and distant sounding. It is a very proper sounding female who asks with a noticeable British accent “Where’s Mr Dob?”

Scotty was busy writing down a drop in temperature of around 1 degree when this Class A evp is caught. It is a male saying “Drawing or writing” – as if he can’t decide what Scotty is doing.

A very metallic sounding male that says “Second guessing” in response to Tip’s comments about what he was feeling at that moment.

We were discussing black shadow figures all four of us were seeing when this spirit voice is caught saying “Watch me deal with them!” and another much fainter says “Ok”.  Not sure if they were referring to the shadow figures or us.

Two male spirits – the first says “What’s that ?” (referring to digital instrument), then “Not bad!” followed by metallic sounding male saying “I could promise”

This kindly sounding older male was trying to make Karla feel better about probably standing on graves (no markers where they are). He says “Who gives a fuck eh”  This is a Class A EVP.

Disembodied voices from Kaikora Cemetery, Otane

TWO Disembodied female voices one exhaling and one saying “yep”. Clearly audible and heard by Marianne.

This disembodied sound was heard by both Marianne & Scotty. It did not sound metallic to them and sounded like a voice saying “who”.

Orb caught at same time disembodied voice captured_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Otane Cemetery, Otane. Orbs shot at the same time as Scotty (in the image) & Marianne heard the disembodied child’s voice.

Orb captured at same time as disembodied voice_Otane Cemetery_Otane_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Otane Cemetery, Otane. Orbs shot at the same time as  Marianne heard the disembodied  voice. Karla’s arm in the image

Spirit energy and orbs_Otane Cemetery_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Otane Cemetery, Otane.  Spirit energy caught, along with Orb. At the same time there was a marked temperature drop and evp captured.

Kaikora Cemetery_Otane_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Kaikora Cemetery, Otane. Orbs shot at the same time as  Temperature anomaly and  disembodied voice captured. Tip in the background