Old Napier Cemetery

1st July 2017

Phase of Moon


First Quarter




11 Celcius


Weather Conditions


Scattered showers, windy


  Team Members Attending:

Marianne, Karla, Tip, Nathan, James, Jasmine

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital Thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter


History of the Investigation Site

Old Napier Cemetery_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Layout of the Old Napier Cemetery. Showing specific grave locations_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
Back story of specific burials_Old Napier Cemetery_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations
James, Karla, Tip_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Video from this article

Old Napier Cemetery

Napier Terrace in the 1880's showing the old Napier Cemetery on the upper left_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

(This image of Napier  Terrace was take in the 1880s. On the middle left you can see the gates to the Cemetery.)

The township of Napier was gazetted in 1855 by the New Zealand Land Commissioner, Alfred Domett. He described the new town as “an oblong mass of hills; the whole mass being flattish topped and of nearly uniform height with precipitous or very steep sides.” On his recommendation 18 acres was reserved for a botanical garden and 4 1/2 acres set aside for a cemetery which could be extended if necessary from the botanical reserve. Portions of land within the cemetery were awarded to different religious sects and a common burial ground was set aside for those unfortunates unable to afford a burial plot. As the flat part of the cemetery became occupied, plots were sold on the steep sides and the Napier City Councils was obliged to spend significant sums of money constructing retaining walls.

The archive library at the Hawkes Bay Museum and Art Gallery has more information about the Napier Cemetery and there is a publication call “Somebody’s Darling – Stories from Napier Cemetery”, that is there and has some interesting background stories in it. (Information taken from signage in the cemetery).

Investigation Report

This also was a training investigation for the new members in the team.  The point of this investigation, as with the previous one,  was to get the new members used to using some of the equipment we have like the laser thermometers, walkie-talkies,  K2 meter, and working in a team recording evidence found. It was interesting to note that we had 3 digital recorders running during this training investigation – however; only 1 of the recorders actually recordered anything more than the first 15 minutes of the investigation. One of them wouldn’t record at all in the cemetery, but worked perfectly once checked away from the investigation.

Objective Experiences:

  • K2 meter went to red and stayed at red (highest colour) on at least 4 separate occasions. Of interest to some team members, was that it went off markedly and then stopped working when Marianne returned to her car to get another camera. Once she returned it went off again.
  • Slight temperature drops of up to 2 degrees on the digital thermometer
  • Numerous responsive EVP captured on the one recorder that was still working
  • Disembodied voices were heard on 4 occasions, but within different teams within the group. Unfortunately it was only picked up on the one occasion on digital recorder.
  • Photographs of orbs, where marked EVP and K2 meter activity, and temperature anomalies were recorded

Subjective Experiences:

  • Seeing shadow people
  • Seeing a full apparition (James) as soon as we entered the cemetery. A woman wearing a long white dress.
  • Feeling nauseated in one area
  • Feelings of goosebumps
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Feeling like someone was breathing in Jasmines ear.
  • Feeling temperature anomalies – warm or cold.
  • Feeling off balance in one particular area

Most Notable Experiences:

Possibly the most notable experiences for the team were seeing the shadow figures and full bodied apparition. Seeing the K2 meter going to red when there were no electrical sources around that could influence it. Lastly, and possibly of most impact, was hearing the disembodied voices and feeling breath on skin.


Evidence Obtained


In this Class A recording a male voice with an accent, simply says “Ounce”.

In this recording a male responds directly to Nathan’s question” I don’t think I could?”

A female responds directly to Marianne asking permission to take a photo “Yep”, then Karla speaks.

This one, is just some weird noises (twice), that sound sort of like a duck quacking.

This is one of the clearest and most interesting Class A EVP we have ever captured. It appears to be a couple of kids taking the mickey out of us because they know we won’t hear them until we listen back. You can hear the kid laugh briefly at the beginning before this starts – almost x-rated sounding. The noises and sigh  above our talking, were all EVP.

A female responds to Karla saying “I’m here.”

A female responds directly to what is being said “It’s not.”

A male responds “February”?

A sad sounding female telling Karla and Nathan to “Get up”

A spirit speaking over Nathan as he and Marianne respond to what Jasmine was saying – He says “Nah”, but it is in agreement with what was being said, not disagreement.




In this Class A recording a young child simply says “Two”.

Karla is just commenting on how she is feeling ‘shivery” (feeling spirit energy), when this female is heard to say “Hello”. Note you can hear boy racers in the background after Karla finishes speaking.

A female responds directly to Karla who was saying hello. This is a Class A EVP and her strong Scottish accent can even be made out. She says “How’d you do?”

This is an extended version of the previous audio. After Karla says you have a beautiful resting spot a male voice says “yes, she does”, followed by an unintelligible male voice and a child agreeing



Disembodied Voice

This is a relatively clear disembodied voice. The group was walking down a slope and Karla asked the men to help Marianne down. She says she is ok,  (when actually she was having some back pain), then a male voice says “She’s not really!” There is a few seconds of silence then Karla recognizes that she heard a voice and this is also heard by James.

Light, misty spirit energy_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. Light spirit mist left side of image on grave. It was a very windy evening with no mist or fog whatsoever.

Orbs streaming towards us_K2 meter was going crazy red_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. Orbs moving rapidly towards us, The wind was blowing from a left to right direction across the image. At the same time the K2 meter was going crazy red. The meter kept going for a good minute.

More orbs coming towards us_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. More orbs coming towards us, K2 meter at this stage was just going to yellow and orange, not madly fluctuating as it was with the previous image.

Catherine's Grave_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. Catherine’s grave. Image taken at the time we got Catherine’s Class A EVP, directly responding to Karla.

Orb Moving_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. This orb was captured at the same time that Jasmine and Marianne heard a disembodied voice.

Small orbs by child's grave_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. Small orbs captured at child’s grave side, along with audible disembodied voice, heard several times by Jasmine & Marianne (different voices to previous image).

Orb with associated temperature drop_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. This orb was caught at the same time that there was a temperature drop of 2 degrees, from 11 Celcius to 9 Celcius.

Karla, Jasmine, Marianne (clockwise)_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Old Napier Cemetery, Napier. Karla, Jasmine, & Marianne (clockwise direction), taken by Nathan seconds before we got the evp of the noises and sighs, and kid laughing.