Musings On The Paranormal

Musings On The Paranormal

This is the Blog page for the Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team. On here we will post our thoughts, musings, or ramblings on anything related to the paranormal or extra-terrestrial. Particuarly these will be  subjects that interest us and we hope you will find interesting or informative as well.

Men In Black - Are They Real?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Suicides? What happens to people who commit suicide?

It is incredibly sad when one loses a loved one, but that pain is doubly compounded when this loss is through suicide. Suicide, being the act of taking one’s own life.

Firstly I want to say how very sorry I am for the loss of your loved one, be that a family member, or a friend. It is so very devastating to lose a loved one at any time, but to lose them through suicide leaves so many unanswered questions.

I am going to share with you, what I personally know from working with both the surviving loved ones, and with the people themselves who have committed suicide – who have come to me – asking me to help their loved ones find some closure and perhaps have some questions answered.


27th December, 2018


Men In Black - Are They Real?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Shadow People – What are they?

Stories of shadow people have been around for centuries but what are they and what is their purpose? What form do these beings take? Shadow people experiences often begin with seeing a black form or shadow out of the corner of your eye, moving quickly out of view when you turn to look at them. People variously report shadow people as being like a shadow directly in front of you, in your face, blacker than black, darker than the darkest night. […]

14th May, 2017

Men In Black - Are They Real?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Black- Eyed Kids (BEKs) – Urban legend or reality?

Imagine this scenario – You are home at night, and are preparing your evening meal, the animals that share your home are at your feet begging for scraps. Suddenly there is a knocking at the door, initially you ignore it, not expecting anyone. The knocking however, doesn’t stop – instead it is long, becoming very insistent  […]

8th May, 2017

Men In Black - Are They Real?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Men In Black – Are They Real?

Men In Black (MIB)…. Not just a pretty cool song by Will Smith or a comedy movie…. Actually a pretty serious subject. I remember when the Will Smith MIB movie came out. I thought it was really enjoyable and so typical of the mainstream entertainment media to create movies about whatever was topical or trending at the time […]

2nd May, 2017

Are Ouija boards really a game or toy?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

House Cleansing – Is it necessary & how is it done?

This blog is very late this week, but I have a very good reason – as I am currently in the process of packing and moving house. Made a little more difficult with this terrible rain that NZ is currently experiencing, as the tail end of the Cyclone Debbie from Aussie.
 One of the VERY first things I do when I move into a new house, even before I start moving my personal belongings in, is to cleanse the old energies out of the home. There is a very valid reason for this as i will go into […]

5th April, 2017

Are Ouija boards really a game or toy?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Ouija Boards – Are they really a game or toy?

What is the very first thing that most people think of when the hear the words Ouija board? Most (but obviously not all), people think of horror movies like the ouija board scene in “The Exorcist”, or any one of another countless horror movie that has used the Ouija board as basis for its storyline. Or they automatically think of horror  […]

27th March, 2017

What is Déjà Vu?_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

What is déjà vu?

Who can experience it? Is déjà vu a paranormal, or a physiological occurrence? What does it really mean?  These are just some of the questions I frequently hear  and often am asked around this subject. Is this something new? Or has this been around as long as mankind has?  What is the difference between precognition and déjà vu? So many questions… […]

20th March, 2017

The Enfield Poltergiest_Graham Morris_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

What is a Poltergeist?

Until this past Friday evening, I had been a paranormal investigator of over 20 years and had never experienced poltergeist activity in any location. At least that is, poltergeist activity that happened right in front of my face – Literally speaking. The some of the team members and I were investigation a woman’s house in Hastings,  a city about 18 minutes drive from where I live in Napier. In our intial interview with the home owner we will call K. there was no mention of poltergeist activity. There was all sorts of other paranormal activity in the house though. […]

13th March, 2017

Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

How can I tell if a loved one who has passed is around me?

This probably is the one question that I get asked the most, and one I have specifically been asked to write about. Most of us have at least one person we know, a loved family member or a friend who has passed on from this stage of life. It is not at all uncommon for us to wonder how they are doing? Are they ok? Able to do what they perhaps could not do here in this life – due to whatever reason? Do they still love me? Are they thinking of me from time to time? Can they hear me if I talk to them? Will they let me know if they are around? How can I tell if they are around me? So many questions most of us have […]

27th February, 2017

Dangers of Paranormal Investigations_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

Are Paranormal Investigations Dangerous?

So the questions is asked – Are paranormal investigations dangerous? In short yes, they most definitely can be. But then, driving in a car or bungy jumping can be dangerous as well. The key is education and preparation.

Many people think that paranormal investigations, or “ghost hunting” is an easy thing to do. That all you need are a few basic tools, or even just a simply curiosity – some abandoned, supposedly haunted building or location and away you go, and most certainly you can do that – many people in fact do […]

20th February, 2017

Edisons Phonograph_Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations

What Is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)?

Basically Electronic Voice Phenomena, also called EVP, is  the recording of voices of people who are no longer living. These voices are heard on digital or recording tapes, in white noise from fans or other electronic media, such as radio station noise or video static. Sometimes they have often been heard where there is loud, running water. These voices are not heard at the time of the recording, but only when it is played back can they be heard. […]

18th February, 2017