Mission Statement & Code of Ethics

Every professional paranormal team will have a mission statement, a code and a set of ethical guidelines that they investigate from. Some teams have no rules at all, and some teams like ours have very strict rules that are expected from each team member. At the Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team we believe that our code of ethics and the behaviour expected from each member of the team has encouraged an environment that absolutely fosters the best investigative techniques and an investigation environment that is best for both our clients we serve and Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations. The protocols that we have for investigations absolutely ensures the utmost honesty, integrity, and professionalism in every environment we may investigate.

Our Mission Statement & Ethics

At Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations, we are a group comprised of believers, open-minded people, professionals, and open-minded skeptics. It is our mission to obtain and interpret information, that may or may not be paranormal. This is done in response to requests from homeowners and businesses – or is in response to claims of paranormal activity in known locations.

We obtain this information, using investigative techniques and electronic equipment, plus some plain old school investigation techniques; like the use of trigger objects or talcum powder.

We do use sensitives in our group, but any psychic impressions they may receive will not be presented as evidence (only as opinion), unless these impressions are validated through the equipment we use, and/or subsequent research.

Any information we collect will be presented to the home, property, or business owner and explained to them in a professional manner. Even if none is collected at that point in time, this will also be presented to the client.

Treat Clients with Respect

  • All paranormal investigations and evidence reveals will be free of charge.
  • We will honour all agreements made with our clients.
  • We will conduct our business in a way that respects, honours, and protects the client’s privacy.
  • We will not provoke entities or spirits, especially when in a clients home, because they still have to live there when we leave. In fact we will not provoke spirit at all, it is unethical in our opinion. You treat spirit with the same respect you would treat a living person in whatever situation the team finds ourselves in.
  • We will return e-mail enquiries  and phone calls within 2 working days, or anytime within that time period that we are able to, as promptly as we can. This also applies to calls and e-mails from team members.
  • Property owners will always be the first to see any evidence we were able to obtain, or hear about any personal experiences that were gathered during the investigation. No evidence, or reports will appear on social media or on our website, without the written permission from the owner of the location.
  • If we add evidence from the investigation to social media or to our website, it will only be done in such a manner that disguises the location and the client’s identity, also any identifying photos etc.
  • Team members will absolutely and without question respect the confidentiality of personal information obtained before and during the investigation. This will never be shared outside of the team, without express and written permission of the client. Each team member will sign a confidentiality agreement with the client before we begin investigating.
  • The only time we will break client confidentiality is if we are required to by the police as a part of any investigation they may be pursuing.

We Will Investigate Professionally

  • No smoking whatsoever on the property being investigated. For members who do smoke, we will establish a smoking section away from the site if necessary.
  • No yelling or very loud voices. It is not professional to be yelling from one side of a property to another – the team has walkie talkies for this purpose.
  • No screaming or running. If the thought of being face to face with a ghost scares you, then likely you should not be part of our team. That being said, we all get startled from time to time, this is just human.
  • Treat other paranormal teams with respect and realise that we are all working towards the same goal, even when our methods may be different.
  • Do not discuss any possible evidence with the client until all the evidence has been reviewed later by the whole group. Then it will be up to the Team Leader to present the evidence or to appoint another member to do so.
  • Realise that more often then not, there are genuine, physical reasons for noises and client’s experiences. It is up to us to make sure that we rule these out first and foremost before leaping to the conclusion that anything is paranormal. We will do this in a manner that allows the client their sense of dignity and respect at all times.
  • No perfumes or aftershaves are to be worn on any investigations, as these can mask the smells that sometimes accompany paranormal occurances.
  • No high heels or inappropriate clothing are to be worn. Clean jeans / shorts and t-shirt are fine, as is a modest dress, or skirt and top, so long as your movement is free and unrestricted and your footwear is appropriate for all terrains. This is especially important when investigating sites that are in poor physical condition.
  • No jewelery that dangles or clinks – as it can make noises in the evp recordings or produce flaring in photography.
  • Help in the advancement of Paranormal Research by helping to educate the public and any potential clients.
  • We will turn up to the client’s property at the precise time stated, and will leave at the time we have agreed upon, even if we have not finished the investigation. Remember we are intruding onto their space and are just visitors.
  • No illegal drug use, including alcohol before, or during an investigation.
  • You will be regarded as a trainee investigator, until you have shown utmost professionalism towards  clients, and other team members, and until you are able to work without supervision in any of the team roles.
  • The team leader has the final say in all matters pertaining to the teams investigation, as they are the most experienced member. If you disregard instructions you are given by one of the supervisors, or break one of the team rules, you will no longer be allowed to participate in any team investigations.

We Obey The Laws of The Land

  • No tresspassing.
  • No littering. We will leave locations in better condition than we found them in.
  • Get permission, (preferably written), before entering any property.
  • If we are investigating any public property, we will always let the local police and relevent authorities (e.g. City Council), know what we plan to do. If necessary we will obtain verbal or written permission to go on the property after dark.