Men In Black – Are They Real?

Men In Black (MIB) – are they real or just some Hollywood Fantasy?

2nd May, 2017

MIB – What are they?

Men In Black (MIB)…. Not just a pretty cool song by Will Smith or a comedy movie…. Actually a pretty serious subject. I remember when the Will Smith MIB movie came out. I thought it was really enjoyable and so typical of the mainstream entertainment media to create movies about whatever was topical or trending at the time.

MIB in the UFO culture and theories are men who are dressed in black suits. Sometimes these men claim to be government agents, whose role seems to be to harass or threaten people who have been witnesses to UFO’s or UFO activity. They threaten them in order to keep them quiet about what they have seen. There are some claims, that the MIB may in fact be aliens themselves. Also the term is used for mysterious men (and rarely women), who work for some unnamed alphabet government agency that has been organized to protect secrets that the governments don’t want people to know about. The term MIB has been used in a generic sense to refer to any person whose behavior is unusual, threatening, or plain strange, and whose appearance can be linked in some way to a UFO sighting.

These men tend to wear sunglasses and wear hats – pretty much as portrayed in the MIB movie. They tend to drive black cars and speak in a monotone manner. Their faces are generally expressionless. Some describe them as behaving in a robotic like manner. Witnesses have described MIB as very odd looking and sounding, with a “swarthy” appearance, pasty white complexions, oversized eyes and no eyebrows, eyelashes or other facial hair. They have been heard speaking with strange accents, odd sounding giggles and using outdated slang. MIB have exhibited confusion over simple items such as pens, utensils and food.

These MIB always seem to have detailed information on the persons they contact and tend to use outdated slang – although accounts of their behavior vary greatly. In encounters in the USA they tend to claim they are from the Air Force, or the CIA, or the FBI. Their purpose seems to be to hide and suppress public knowledge and information about advanced technologies and extraterrestrial activities, supposedly for the sake of national security. They also tend to travel in groups of 2 or 3.

MIB – Are they real?

In in the early 1960’s when I was a young child, I lived in Palmerston North. My father had a scrap metal business and our home was on the property. It was right opposite a Frosty Jack Ice cream factory. I used to really like Fridays, because that was the day the factory would clean out their freezers and would generally dump the ice in the street to melt.

I used to like watching the ice melt, sometimes they even walked across the road and gave me an ice-block, and so I made a point of being out there watching and talking with the workers. Anyway this day, was smoko time as there were people outside (4 or 5 of them) having a cuppa tea, I even remember one of the guys was sitting against the huge pile of ice. Suddenly there was a high pitched whistling sound… it hurt my ears and I didn’t know where it was coming from. I noticed all the workers across the road looking excitedly and pointing at something. I turned to look at what it was they were pointing at… above our house and descending slowly until it came to a stop was a classic ufo. The pitch of the whistling was very high. My mum came out of the house to see what the noise was all about… she stood there as shocked as the workers were. I don’t know how long the ship stayed there but suddenly it shot off into the air vertically and disappeared.

So that was very interesting, but the workers went back to work, mum went back inside, and I went back to watching the ice melting, hoping for an iceblock. The next morning, there was a knock at the front door. I ran to the door to answer it, but mum opened the door. Standing there were two classic MIB… suits, hats, with a low black car in the street outside our house with another standing beside it – with one foot on running board. One of them stood on the doorstep, one stood on the footpath to his side. Very, very pale skin, with no facial hair at all. I remember that because as a child it seemed very strange to me that these men had no eyelashes or eyebrows or hair on their heads that I could see under the hats.

The men basically told mum that she would not talk about what had happened yesterday, and in fact, that she would forget it ever had happened. The man at the back said what about the kid? The front guy said she’s too young, won’t remember anyway. Well that made me MORE determined to remember it. NO one told me what I could and could not remember.

Life went on then years later, we were sitting in the lounge discussing our family ufo experiences (of which there were many), and I said to mum, “do you remember the frosty jack ufo and the men in black”? she asked, “what are you talking about”? So I reminded her of the incident. Going over it all in detail and all of sudden she said “oh my god. I completely forgot about that incident, I remember it now.” So that was my MIB incident. Only one in my life but very, very real.

Now if anyone were to ask me are the MIB real, or merely a social construct, or an urban legend I can definitely say from personal experience – yep they are real, they do exist. I do remember, they were pretty scary and gave off a very uncomfortable energy that I recall to this day.

MIB – Caught on video?

In 2008 two employees of Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls reported several incidents of UFO sightings. Sometimes afterwards two men were filmed entering the hotel. They then asked to see the general manager, who with a fellow employee working security for the hotel, had been witnesses to the incident. The manager was not on duty that night. These men then approached a bellman and one other person, a tour guide. The following day the bellman pulled the manager aside and told him what had happened. Both people described the men in this manner:


  • odd looking
  • really, really tall
  • identical height
  • wearing exact same clothes
  • exact same faces, like they were twins
  • wearing same outfit: black suits, black trench coats and old-fashioned fedora hats
  • had extremely pale skin
  • “they freaked me out”

Tour Guide:

  • said strange things she didn’t understand
  • talked about government and conspiracies – none of it made any sense
  • were very, very scary, because they:
  • had no facial hair – no eyebrows, no eyelashes
  • their hair looked like a wig that was attached to the hat
  • eyes were very big, very blue, almost hypnotizing
  • did not blink, even once
  • seemed to know what she was thinking
  • Although she couldn’t describe how she sensed that they knew what she was thinking, she was frightened enough to feel that she needed to think about something else.

The manager of the hotel, while skeptical became alarmed after both employees on separate days approached him and told them their stories, the female tour guide was so upset that she cried whilst relating her experience to him. The manager then went and looked at the security tapes of the day in question and sure enough found the video of the men entering the hotel. This case actually made headlines all around the world and was found on most UFO sites. The actual video of these MIB is below.

There are many accounts online of people’s experiences with these MIB even Dan Ackroyd the actor from Ghostbusters had what he believes to be an actual encounter with one of these men.


It is very easy for some to laugh off people’s encounters, such as mine or Dan’s, or to try and rationalize them away – especially if they do not believe in UFO encounters or that they even exist. I can only state from my personal experiences and those witnessed by others in my family, that indeed they do and my encounter with the MIB, was very real and as close as only a couple of feet from them. Their purpose seems to be to intimidate and threaten witnesses, or use some form of mind control to make them forget, as they did with my mother. So who are they really human or some form of extra-terrestrial? We may never know, or perhaps someday,  the whole truth will be revealed to the general public.

 Til next time –


Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team