Hawkes Bay Business

20th May 2017


Phase of Moon


Waning Crescent Moon




-2 Celcius


Weather Conditions


Overcast, but clearing during evening



 Team Members Attending:

Marianne, Diane, Greg, The Professor, Mark, Monica, Wally

Equipment used:

Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Walkie Talkies, Laser Digital thermometer, Flashlights, K2 Meter



History of the Investigation Sites

 Unfortunately due to the need for privacy for this business, Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations is unable to give any history on this land or business buildings as it is local to the bay and may be recognised. We appreciate your understanding.

Investigation Report

On our initial interview with the client they listed an impressive array of experiences the workers were having from finding small, decomposing animals in places that would have been obvious to any worker there – such as in a cupboard that had only been cleaned out the day before.  These animals almost always were in a state of advanced decomposition without any associated odour. In one of their store rooms, items that normally hang on hooks were found lined up in a row on a shelf next to the hooks. They reported hearing knocking and tapping, feelings of being watched constantly. Workers felt very uncomfortable going into certain buildings on the property due to feelings of being unwelcome and extremely uncomfortable. They reported seeing shadow people and light anomolies, along with movement out of the corners of their eyes. Also there were a number of things happening on their property itself, that we cannot mention as it may disclose identity.

Overall this was the most active investigation that this team has been on. Right from the time we started we had impressive activity. Almost every investigator on the team, if not everyone, had personal subjective experiences – some more than others. The physical conditions on the night were very cold -2C, with very overcast, but clearing skies. It had been raining for most of the day, so the ground was very damp and muddy in places, but firm underfoot. Also, due to the large number of buildings we had two guest investigators with the team for the night along with some staff from the business. The investigation started at 9.15pm and ended at 3am.

Objective Experiences:

  • Disembodied voice heard by 4 different people – caught on two different digital recorders
  • Various tapping, rapping and knocks – frequently responding to team member requests – on audio
  • Light anomalies – (orbs everywhere – as well as dust, in almost every image) – caught on camera
  • Footsteps caught on audio Temperature drops of up to 5ºC recorded with digital laser thermometer
  • Spirit energy forms (smoke like) caught on 3 images
  • Apport of object in front of 4 people (Greg, Marianne, Monica, Wally), accompanied by disproportionately loud noise – caught on two digital recorders
  • Numerous EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) caught on audio, many responding directly to questions asked by the investigators
  • Knocks, rapping, and footsteps caught on audio
  • Shadow person caught on camera at initial interview
  • Electrical disturbances with the walkie talkies – turning off by themselves, changing channels by themselves as we watched, making static noises when not being touched. K2 meter changing from green, to yellow to red (numerous occassions)

Subjective Experiences:

  • Feelings of being watched
  • Feelings of being unwelcome
  • Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable
  • Felt like someone walked past them and “displaced the air”
  • Feeling very emotional and like crying – or alternatively very angry and aggressive (particularly in one specific area on the property)
  • Feelings of being touched (in specific areas), also touching the clipboard in one case
  • Feelings of very heavy energy and difficulty moving (“like walking through treacle”)
  • Sudden obvious temperature drops (digital thermometer was unavailable in these cases)
  • Feeling of cold energy blowing around members in particular area, despite heater going
  • Feeling intense sadness
  • Feeling breath on face
  • Feelings of agitation and the need to move from where they were (one specific area mostly)
  • Walking into cold spots (colder than ambient temperature)
  • Flashes / sparks of different colour lights, mostly red or white
  • Seeing shadow people
  • Seeing light anomalies other than already mentioned
  • Feeling the presence of spirit
  • Smelling different odours, for which there was no explanation
  • Feeling dizzy, light-headed, nauseated, instant headaches in particular spots

Most noteworthy experiences:

  • The apport (object appearing and dropping out of nowhere), appearing in front of four of us, its very loud sound (disproportionally loud for it’s size and density), as it hit the floor and rolled to a stop
  • The disembodied voice heard by four investigators and caught on two different digital recorders
  • Feeling physically touched (experienced by a number of people in the indoor area and the pit
  • Hearing disembodied whispers not caught on tape and caught on tape.
  • Direct response tapping and footsteps that were not caught on tape and caught on tape
  • Entities influencing the behavour of some investigators
  • Light anomolies seen visually – and caught on camera

What we were able to debunk:

We were able to debunk some of the sounds coming from the  one of the buildings, as actually being the presence of mice. These mice were initially creating noise in the kitchen, and moving a rubbish bag. Also later on we were able to debunk other noises  in the same building as coming from a fridge and the toilet cistern refilling, which sounded a lot like two people whispering. Despite this instance being debunked, the team did in fact hear audible, disembodied voices.

Evidence Obtained

Due to the fact that this business is easily recognisable Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations is unable to use any of the photos that were taken on the site.  However; we did obtain a large number of EVP recordings from the 5 digital recorders that were on the site. Also we were able to catch on two recorders two disembodied voices (one recorder only caught one of them), the apport landing, and various responsive raps and bangs.

So much audio evidence was captured, from audible bangs, responses to questions, disembodied voices, and apport landing audio, to many to list
here. However out of 5 digital recorders that were running we get these totals:

  • Di’s recorders (2): 5 Recordings – all voices
  • Emma’s recorder: 9 recordings – bangs to voices, including disembodied voice
  • Marianne’s recorders (2): 56 – voices, bangs, footsteps, disembodied voice, apport landing, her name being called, in two separate instances, and at different times, by what appears to be the same spirit.

Some of the audio below, are absolute class A recordings, which means they are clear and easily understood. Many are not, but were chosen to be added as they were directly responsive to what people were saying or doing at the time.


This recording is one of the clearest we heard. It is a child just making a cheeky comment. You can hear Diane making coffee in the background and talking

One of the members talking, followed by spirit whistling

Guest investigator and Marianne discussing team saftety – voice interjects over guest saying oh yeah.

This evp is kind of in a sing song voice, is very fast and faint, you may have to listen twice – it says “here I come”

This voice is telling us what to do.

Marianne talking, then voice calling her name (faint and fast)

Marianne organizing people when voice interjects saying something like “david can bring it”,  (very fast – may have to play it a few times),then Marianne realizes she has forgotten the camera

This voice interjects between guest and Marianne talking, telling them both to go away – she says it twice.

This is Emma asking a question she gets a direct response – Male voice with very soft drawn out nooo (bit hard to hear in the static)

Di in room with Wally – Di speaks, footsteps then metallic woman’s voice – Thank you

This is two spirit appearing to communicate – the first clearer one is first, followed by what appears to be a child (inaudible apart from intonation – caught while investigator was walking, which you can hear

Talking, then woman’s voice calls Marianne’s name – a pause then – Can you hear me?

This is Greg asking spirit to change the colours on the K2 meter  – voice at end says “teach me”

This is evp is saying something about a team members work light (head torch).

Two different spirit talking to each other inbetween team member talking – “do that here” “yeah /where”

Voice interjects between people speaking saying “oh yeah”

 Disembodied voices, Apport landing


This is the disembodied voice captured on Emma’s recorder. It was audibly heard by 4 people – Emma, Marianne and two of our guests. It was far louder in person than it appears on recorder and comes immediately after Marianne says Monica’s name. The rest of the recording is kept in so you can hear members reactions – Marianne was conveying a message on the walkie talkie.


This is the disembodied voice captured on Mariannes’s recorder. In this one a male voice is also heard over my voice, that was audibly heard by one person, but picked up only on Marianne’s recorder. It should be noted that at that stage these recorders were side by side as Emma and Marianne were standing next to each other.


This is the disembodied growling/ snarling  was  captured on Marianne’s recorder. It was audibly heard by  Marianne as her and a guest were talking.


Greg and Marianne are talking about the shadow people team members had been seeing when they are interupted by a very loud thud and rolling sound. You can hear Greg and Wally respond almost immediately. What landed at the feet of the three of us (we were sort of sitting in a triangle with Wally at the back) was a small dog biscuit, that absolutely was not there when we had the lights on earlier. It made a disproportinately loud sound for what it was.

Audible raps, footsteps and other noises


Greg is talking and unexplained static comes over walkie talkie


Marianne is explaining how the k2 meter works, when she pauses as she hears footsteps, you then hear a couple more and she exlaims “footsteps” and continues explaining.


A bang is heard then Marianne asks if the spirit made that noise, if so could they make another – it responds with a quick, faint knock


This recording (along with a number of others), was captured when the digital recorder was left running in an isolated area while the team was in an other area quite some distance from it. It captures a strange noise, followed by a loud bang