How Do You Know If Your Home Is Haunted?

ghost-Shadowlands Paranormal InvestigationsHow do you know if your home is haunted?

Fanham Wood Mill GhostThis is a very good question, and of couse not everything that goes bump in the night is caused by something paranormal. In probably 90% of these cases, the disturbances, in fact, have a very physical basis. So it is our job as paranormal researchers to rule out the physical probabilites, before we even consider the paranormal. But if you are that 10% then what are some signs you should be aware of and firstly what sort of places can be haunted?

The answer to that question is simple – any type of place can be haunted, houses, apartments, flats, offices, businesses, hospitals, prisons, castles… just about any sort of building or place you can imagine can be haunted. Hauntings also do not confine themselves to just buildings either. You can have lands that are haunted, graveyards that are haunted… Then there are objects that can have spirit attachments as well.

Buildings do not have to be old victorian mansions or castles to be haunted, they can be modern buildings with little obvious history attached to them.

So what are you likely to feel if you lived in a haunted house?

  • You would likely have feelings of breezes moving around or across your body – generally these are cold, but they can be warm as well.
  • These breezes are not from having windows or doors open. These happen when there is no physical explanation for them.
  • You might feel as though you are being watched or spied on.
  • You might get goosebumps all over your body for no good reason.
  • You might feel like there are cobwebs on your face.
  • You might have unexplained mood swings in specific areas in your house.
  • You might have a very dark, depressing feeling, especially in one area of the property.

What signs might you encounter that show your property might be haunted?

  • Light bulbs blowing frequently ( check this one out with an electrician first, to rule out electrical faults).
  • Lights turning themselves on or off, up or down, on their own.
  • Sounds of items being dropped, but when you investigate there is nothing there.
  • Seeing unexplained shadows moving in your house or out the corners of our eyes
  • Seeing misty forms
  • Strange and unusual behaviour from pets in the property – such as dogs barking or growling at something you can’t see,
  • cat’s hissing or staring into one particular corner.
  • Objects being moved from one location and turning up in totally unexpected places, or reappearing where you left them after a period of time.
  • Hearing disembodied voices, whispers, or someone calling your name.
  • Seeing twinkling lights – like the sparks of a Guy Fawkes sparkler.
  • Seeing mists, or unexplained moving shapes
  • Sudden temperature drops, especially in one particular area of the property/
  • Unusual smells that appear from no where.
  • Seeing an apparition (ghost).

These are just some examples of signs that indicate your house may be having paranormal activity.. One sign by itself (except for seeing an apparition), doesn’t necessarily mean your home or property is haunted, but if you have two or more of these things happening, then once physical options are ruled out, then it could be you do have an entity in your home.

ghost-Shadowlands Paranormal InvestigationsWhat should I do if I think my home is haunted?

First of all, start keeping a journal of the events as and when they happen in your home. This will help you to see if Keep a journal of paranormal activitythere is a pattern occuring of the activity – for example does this happen every night at 9pm – or does this happen before or after there is an argument in the house?

Think about then the events started happening for you. Was there something that perhaps could have triggered the events, things such as the death of a family member, loved one (pets included). Was there some traumatic event that happened in your home or on your street – like a death caused by accident, suicide, or murder. Or acts of family violence? Did you or the owner of the property around the time the activity began do any renovations around the property, in the house, or to the section? (including cutting down trees etc). Did you recently bring a new object into your home – painting or new or used funiture – a vase Aunt Edith left you . Did someone play with a ouija board in the home etc…

If this activity makes you or family members feel anxious, uneasy, or scared – then Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations can help. We can investigate your home and give you suggestions to help sort out your situation if we find proof of the paranormal. You can request an investigation from our team by filling in our comprehensive online form – or by contacting us via our contact page. In either case you can be sure that your privacy and safety are our foremost concerns and anything you tell us will remain totally confidential.