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Request An Investigation:

Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations are a team of responsible and dedicated people who have a passion for the paranormal. Our Code of  Ethics means that we hold ourselves to a very high and professional standard in all of our dealings with clients. We do understand that discussing paranormal events taking place in one’s home or workplace can be very difficult and embarrassing for some.

Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations provides a range of professional services at NO cost to our clients – this can include paranormal research, paranormal education, and educating clients of the options for possible protection or removal of entities from the home.  The founding members have over 20 years experience in the field, the past 13 working here in NZ privately and in groups whilst living in the USA. We do not ask for donations and in most cases will not accept them. The only exception to this is if we travel outside of the Hawkes Bay region at the request of a client. Then we will accept a donation to cover petrol costs.

We are here to help you and will take the utmost care and protection  of your confidentiality, your home, and your property. When you, as a client gives us permission to investigate your property, home, or business, we will do our very best to gather the information we need with as little intrusion on your or your life as possible.  You do need to realise though, that some intrusion is necessary for us to be able to best help you and your current situation. All investigations we undertake are private and confidential. We do not share your information with anyone outside of the group, without your written and express consent, then only once any identifying information such as addresses, names and photos of yourself or your family have been removed. This also applies to what is posted on our website here.

Any evidence gathered in the course of our investigations are shared with you at the end of each case, once we have had a chance to go over all the data and analyse our findings. Nothing is posted to our website about your investigation without your written consent, and also without names and other identifying elements being removed so that your privacy is assured.