What Is Electronic Voice Phenomena?

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What is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)?

18th February 2017

Basically Electronic Voice Phenomena, also called EVP, is  the recording of voices of people who are no longer living. These voices are heard on digital or recording tapes, in white noise from fans or other electronic media, such as radio station noise or video static. Sometimes they have often been heard where there is loud, running water. These voices are not heard at the time of the recording, but only when it is played back can they be heard.

Edison’s  Amazing Phonograph

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Almost since Edison invented the first recording and playback device, man has been recording voices. It was not long after this wonderful device was invented, that Edison actually discovered that he could not only record living voices, but also was able to capture the voices of people who had passed over. This opened a whole new world of spirit communication for mankind.

His invention opened a whole new world for electronic invention. However it wasn’t really until the invention of Frank’s box  in 2002, that EVP began to be taken seriously again in this generation .

What Does EVP Sound like?

Voices that are caught as EVP actually have classifications these days as there are so many different types of EVP sounds. I will talk a little about these classifications which can actually be found on our Terminology page, and post some examples of each type here so you can hear the differences.

EVP don’t generally sound like regular human voices, although at times they most certainly can. Mostly they have a sort of  ‘distant’ quality to them. Some have a sort of metalic sound and some sound quite muffled and as if speaking from a long distance away.

There are three main classifications that are used for EVP

Class A

A class A recording is when the EVP is clear and of high quality. It is not necessarily the loudest EVP, but is clearly understood and there is little or no dispute of what is said. Also they are often direct responses to what is being asked or talked about as in this example below.

This is an example of a Class A recording. In the beginning you will hear Andrew talk, and me saying ow. The two voices you hear immediately after are spirit voices one male talking, one female laughing. The man’s word is in response to what he feels about the matron of the children’s home we were discussing prior.

Class B

A class B recording is the most common type we generally get when doing evp sessions. They are often lower quality and clarity than a Class A EVP but still very easy to hear. Class B EVPs often do need some amount of enhancement or amplification to be heard clearer. The voice may not be clear enough to be totally understood or there may be disagreement as to what it is saying. Class B EVPs are often not in direct response to a question.

This is an example of a Class B recording, and actually is in response to our asking if there was anyone who wished to talk with us. We do not classify this as a Class A, as it is not quite as clear as the first recording.

Class C

A class C recording is the lowest quality EVP. With a class C recording even enhancing and amplification of the sound may not be sufficient to make the voice clearly audible.

This is a borderline Class B/C recording. You can hear a voice, but may not be able to make out what it is saying. We would not use this type for any of our examples


So you can see from these few examples that there is a wide range of variety in the type of recording we are able to capture. Some investigation teams don’t get many evp at all. Our team seems to attract them, and often they can be heard calling my name as in this example.

In that example you could hear my name whispered with a very metalic sounding voice. In the background voices of team members can be heard. There is some distortion in their voices as we had to enhance this Class B recording.

We hope that this helps you to understand what EVP is and how the different class systems work.

Til next time –


Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team