Disclaimer – What We Do & Don’t Do

What We Do & Don’t Do

  • The Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team, is an interest group of paranormal enthusiasts. We are not a listed company, trust, incorporated society or other legal entity. Although we always endeavour to act in a professional manner, we are not full-time, professional paranormal investigators, and we do not claim to be experts or authorities on any paranormal-related subjects.
  • We are guided by the medical edict, “First, do no harm.” So we won’t get involved if we think our input could make matters worse. Safety is paramount.
  • Because the study of paranormal phenomena is far from an exact science, we cannot guarantee our advice or findings. We would advise caution if anyone claims to have definite answers to paranormal questions because very little in this field has been established with any degree of certainty.
  • Members of Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team accept no liability for actions taken based on information on this website or in blog posts and comments, emails, social media, or given by phone, in person or in any other communications. The paranormal is a broad field in which there are no true experts or authorities, so all information, claims, and opinions relating to paranormal subjects must be weighed with due care and judged with reason.
  • While we are interested in studying paranormal phenomena, we do not clear properties, or release or emancipate ghosts or spirits. After investigating, we may sometimes recommend contact with an individual or group that offers these services (but with no guarantee from us that clearing will be achieved).

Important safety issues

  • If you are experiencing severe emotional distress: Youthline – 0800 376 633
  • If you are experiencing worrying physical symptoms, there is the emergency phone 111 or Healthline – 0800 611 116. These are free-to-call phone numbers and the people who answer are very helpful, highly trained professionals.
  • Demonic possession? We strongly advise against exorcism-type procedures because they can be extremely dangerous. In 2007 there was a case in New Zealand of a person being killed during an exorcism procedure.
    Wikipedia article.   Article on Coroner’s findings. 
  • Physical harm to people, caused by ghosts or demons?
    Human causes are much more likely than paranormal ones. And unlike most reported paranormal phenomena, failing to identify the most likely causes of harm could mean leaving someone in real danger. So don’t think paranormal; think of normal, human reasons for the harm occurring and then very carefully look for them. For example, look for signs of bullying or other forms of abuse, or self-harm. Although we don’t rule it out, we think it extremely unlikely that a demon, ghost, spirit or other entity can cause physical harm to a person. Accounts of such are very rare, so non-paranormal causes of physical harm are far more likely.
  • Seek professional health care. If you, or someone you know, is suffering physically or experiencing trauma or other mental or emotional distress, we would strongly advise that you seek appropriate medical advice and/or counselling from a medical doctor or other qualified, registered health professional, without delay. Paranormal investigators, no matter how well-meaning and sympathetic, are not qualified or able to give advice on mental or physical health matters. (See the services listed at the top of this section.)
  • If you are experiencing unexplained dizziness, confusion, disorientation, headaches, vertigo or other symptoms, be sure you’re not being exposed to carbon monoxide gas. This is a poisonous, odorless, invisible gas that can leak from gas, oil or kerosene cookers, heating systems, etc. More info.

Special thanks to James Gilberd from the New Zealand Strange Occurences Society for the kind use of the material on this page. We are both very much in agreement of the need to be safety concious in this field of investigation.