Black-Eyed Kids – Urban Legend or Reality?

Black-Eyed Kids (BEKs) – Urban legend or reality?

8th May, 2017

BEKs – A typical scenario

Imagine this scenario – You are home at night, and are preparing your evening meal, the animals that share your home are at your feet begging for scraps. Suddenly there is a knocking at the door, initially you ignore it, not expecting anyone. The knocking however, doesn’t stop – instead it is long, becoming very insistent and much louder. You decide to go and see who is so intent on getting your attention. You  also become aware of a nagging sense of unease – trepidation even. As you walk towards the front door , with your animals at your feet, the feeling becomes stronger and more intense the closer you get.

Attempting to shake off your growing feelings you reach for the door – suddenly your cat arches it’s back and starts hissing and spitting furiously. You find this behaviour very unusual, and it only increases your sense of discomfort and anxiety. The cat takes off and your dog begins to growl. Shaking off your feelings you open the door to see the two young kids standing there. The dog lets of a frightened yelp and runs for the back bedroom where you later find it hiding under your bed.You wonder why kids are out alone at night when one of them speaks “Hey lady can we come in and use your phone?”. They are still looking at the ground and you cannot understand why you feel such fear, as though your very life is in physical danger. Suddenly the kids raise their heads and look at you. You realize that their eyes are completely black, completely. Terrified you try to shut the door but for some reason you have opened it further instead, As you become aware of this you hear the children repeatedly asking to be let in. You slam the door shut and lock it, terrified of what you have just seen and your overwhelming feelings or mortal danger. The knocking and the asking to be let in continues for some time, then suddenly stops and the kids have gone.


BEKs – What and who are they?

This is a very good question – Although I had heard of the black-eyed kids, it was not in the 1990 a very well known, or discussed subject. It really came to public attention in 1998 when  a Texas reporter Brian Bethel posted of his experience on an online message board. This opened a floodgate of people who have since shared their experiences on line and in books which have been written about the subject.

So what precisely are the BEKs?  Are they an urban legend or some very clever viral marketing program? Who or what they are and where they come from is open for debate, as is what they are really after. Personally, I tend to feel that they belong more within the UFO community than religious or spiritual.

The BEKs all share some similar characteristics:

  • They tend to insistently knock on a persons home or car door
  • They ask to be invited in, and seemingly cannot enter without invitation
  • They often get increasingly demanding and insistent that they be let in, if the person is reluctant to let them in
  • They seem to range in age from about six years old to early teens
  • They are mostly boys that are seen
  • Initially they all are seen with their heads down so one cannot fully see their eyes or have eye contact with them
  • There is an intense feeling of fear and foreboding, including a sense of physical danger that oozes from the BIK
  • When they raise their heads and the person sees their eyes, they are totally black with no whites whatsoever
  • Their eyes seem to have a hypnotic effect on the experiencer as if they can compel them to open the door.
  • The child is generally dressed in clothing that would make them blend in with the locals, but odd variations (such as the winter clothing in Mike’s sons encounter, in the middle of summer), can cause these kids to stand out
  • Generally very pale skinned and often talk in a sort of stilted manner as if following a script
  • Animals are either absolutely terrified of them (even trained attack dogs), and will run from them and hide or they hiss  at them

BEKs – A New Zealand Experience

Back in 1990  Mike, a friend of mine, came to see me. This is a man who was a builder, solid build, not bothered by much at all. It wasn’t unusual to have a visit from him, we often sat and talked about spirituality, and things that go bump in the night.  I noticed he was quieter, more introspective than normal. I asked him what was wrong and so he told me.

His son (who was then about 18 years of age, a big strapping lad), had been on a visit to a swimming hole not far from Hamilton, that weekend. A place called Kaniwhaniwha – popular with brave souls in the summer as the water was feed from a local mountain, Mt Pirongia. There is a walk that you can take along this stream (which was only a few meters wide, in the walk areas). He and his mates had been exploring the walkway after taking a dip in the swimming hole. It was a bright summer’s day, early in the afternoon. His friends decided after a while to turn back and go for another swim, he wanted to walk on a little further so they parted company. This was not uncommon for them.

So this lad walked on for another 10 minutes or so. He  he looked up and noticed a young kid about 10 years of age standing on the other side of the river, with his head down, very pale skin – similar in fact to the MIB from last weeks blog. The kid seemed out of place and with no other person around him. He also noticed that the kid was dressed unusually, in cold weather clothing – this stood out to him, being the middle of summer. For some reason he started to feel really uneasy as he looked at the kid. He called out a greeting to open conversation as he was concerned about such a young kid being by himself in the middle of nowhere, and without adult supervision. He paused, waiting for a response, when the kid looked up and directly into his eyes.

This was when things became very scary for the him. He said that when the kid looked at him, his eyes were solid black – no whites what so ever. This, along with already feeling uneasy, scared him terribly and he turned and started to run back to where his friends were gathered.  Running wasn’t a problem for this lad, he was actually an extremely fit kid and him a very fast runner. So he turned tail and started running back to the swimming hole. As he was running he noticed the kid on the other side of the stream was right there, effortlessly keeping pace with him. This terrified the kid even more, and he told his Dad that he actually felt like his life was in physical danger. The feeling of impending doom, spurred him to run faster. He said that it felt as though the run took forever, but as soon as he spotted the swimming hole and his mates, and turned to look again, the kid had disappeared – just vanished, although there was no where for him to have gone. He gathered his mates together and they left the swimming hole immediately. When he got home he was terribly distressed and for weeks afterwards would go no where but WINTEC and home. Most unusual for him. He also had nightmares for months afterwards.

I knew this family very well, the kids mother had been a friend of mine from my early nursing days and the whole family was deeply religious and totally trustworthy. I had no reason to doubt Mike’s word when he was telling me this story. He was not a man to make stories up and I could tell that the incident troubled him greatly. It was this concern for his son, that brought my friend to share the incident with me and to ask me what I felt it actually was.

This was not the first time I had heard about the BIK, but it was the very first time I had personally known someone who had actually had an encounter with one, and here in New Zealand.


So what does one make from this? To Mike’s son, the BEK are very real, very threatening. These encounters can leave the person feeling extremely drained and overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, mostly fear and dread. There are numerous accounts on the net of personal and up-close experiences with these children, such as these ones compiled on this blog or this page here. But what actually happens if someone lets these kids into their home?  This is one woman’s account of what happened to her when she did – but she is not alone, there are a number of similar accounts that are readily researched. Also there are many accounts on social media of people who specifically study this phenomena and are actively trying to find out the truth behind the stories. Next time you hear a knocking, you never know who may be waiting for you to open your door and let them in …

 Til next time –


Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations team